AI and ML to EnhanceEmail Security

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, November 30, 2018

Today, emails are the primary means for hackers to access the organizations and their customer data easily. Therefore, implementing and improving email security has become a significant way to protect organizations from those cyberattacks. As time passes, the situation becomes more dangerous to organizations. As a compatible solution, artificial intelligence expands its applications in the field of cybersecurity.

AI has become more productive for businesses with regards to the cybersecurity. During cybersecurity training, AI simulates attacks by analyzing the most recent data collected by a system to make the training effective.

Cyberattacks have become more rigid and massive; hackers harm an organization in a more targeted way; simultaneously, it is difficult to detect, manage, and control those situations when the attack occurs. In the case of emails, the hackers will launch mass spamming and mass phishing attacks which are capable of harming more than millions of people at the same time. They target specific organizations, research about organizations, buy credentials or gain access to it, or send personal emails.

The use of AI and machine learning against the threats in email security, will not replace the traditional tools; rather, they complete them by bringing two magnitudes—predictive and reactive. The traditional tools are perfect for detecting and blocking the email attacks. Simultaneously, AI and machine learning help organizations to detect the attacks, and additionally support them to provide immediate and new solutions to control the damage much quickly and efficiently.

Sophos- June 12, 2018- Oxford, U.K., a popular network and endpoint security organization, has launched Sophos Email Advanced, the first email protection application which offers active threat protection (ATP), outbound scanning and policy support, and anti-publishing email authentication. More than 100 million users from around the world rely on Sophos’ email security applications as they find it as the best means of protecting themselves from email cyberattacks. Sophos offers simple deployment, use, and management, making it more reliable and dependable. As technologies like Sophos emerge, it will be a great advantage to prevent several email attacks.