AI and ML Influence on Cloud Security

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, November 30, 2018

Big data management is one of the difficult tasks for any organization today. For this reason, organizations prefer to utilize cloud services to manage the massive amount of data. Cloud services enable organizations to store, share and manage those data with more efficiency. The increasing flexibility of cloud data services creates more space in this present scenario. Organizations such as Facebook and Whatsapp that are managing a large volume of data every day depend more on cloud services.

As cloud services grow, security threats are also becoming higher in this platform. AI and machine learning cannot wholly solve all these problems, but it can provide various suggestions. A flood of products in the market have made cloud security more difficult. Enterprises use AI and machine learning today. When the number of dimensions in the functions increases, the chances of security threats will also increase, and this will be a burden to the successful cloud deployments at scale.

As a result of the rise of AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics, DevOps organizations have started exploring the implementation of advanced data analytics. Various cloud providers like IBM, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are focusing more on AI and machine learning as a service and helping DevOps companies for leveraging the sharpness of those services for making them more efficient and effective.

One of the new trends in the field of automation and technology is outsourcing AI and machine learning capabilities. Leading tech firms have launched cloud platforms that enable management of heavy tasks so that resource-strapped small businesses and other users can upload their data through these cloud services with a fee and get back the processed data or the results after several hours.

Cloud computing services are becoming more comfortable to perform, protect, and scale with the advancements of machine learning. The more the cloud uses machine learning, the more it becomes efficient. There is expected to be a future where no cloud services will exist without machine learning.