Advantages of Leveraging Physical Access Control System

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Companies looking to the future are using cutting-edge technology to build more robust security architecture.

FREMONT, CA: The global pandemic has made it harder to get access because it has added a new level of complexity. Every department head in a company now has to worry about keeping their employees healthy and safe from security threats. Because of this, access control has become even more critical as the health of an organization's employees, staff, and visitors can depend on how well its access control system works. Clients and stakeholders both want security to be not only tighter but also controlled digitally and cybersecurity.

Physical security

Many businesses already use encrypted systems to store data or protect confidential information, but physical security systems are often fragile. A software-based security system can use end-to-end encryption to close these security holes and keep the network safe from in-person and online threats. By using encryption, identification, and secure communication, a company can ensure that its security system is just as safe as its private data.

Safety and health

Many companies were worried about keeping as few people as possible in their buildings during the pandemic. All of these goals can reach with the help of a software-based access control system. They let system administrators carefully control who can get into the building and can't at any given time. They keep accurate records of who has been on the property, when, and where they have been.

Operational efficiency

A software-based access control system is more helpful than just ensuring the locked door. Software systems automatically make backups and run updates so that data is always safe and permissions are always up to date. By using the information collected by the system, receptionists, hosts, and administrators can better help all visitors and show them where to go.

Cost-effectiveness and business value

The cost of a security breach and the problems when data or assets are lost or stolen can be huge. It means that the best way to protect against risks is to have a robust access control system that is securely encrypted. A good physical access control system will also pay for itself over time by being more valuable, scalable, and flexible. Its software should work well with the systems already in place, leading to lower maintenance costs over time.

Cybersecurity and keeping data safe

IT system is a physical access control system run by software. It can include full encryption, strict authentication requirements, and regular software updates, so they're ready for threats and can stop them from becoming a problem. And if it isn't protected from cyber threats like hacking, the whole organization's assets and data can be at risk. Software-based access control systems need to be safe, ideally with security from start to finish.

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