A Shift from CDOs to the CDPOs

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Chief Digital OfficerSince data protection takes the heart of the stage in the industry, companies will now require a chief data protection officer (CDPO) instead of a chief digital officer (CDO) to ensure their security.

FREMONT, CA: With the rapidly shifting world of technology, it is time for CIOs to consider data privacy as their utmost priority. The advancement toward data privacy can be classified mainly into the characteristics based on access control and ML for user behavioral permission.

AI in Data Protection:

The significance of strengthening defense mechanisms in the enterprise is a no-brainer as, without proper protection mechanisms, data security can lead to severe problems. CIOs should come up with advanced and effective detection as well as response mechanisms using AI and automation.  AI can help companies to identify, understand, and analyze the trends based on any historical data. Besides, it can also analyze services offered, customers served, and employee behavior.

Here are some methods that can bridge the gap between the company and the security threats with the help of AI and automation:

• Manage Data Controls:

Data classification plays a significant role in securing IT systems, which helps in the analysis of organizational risks and in building an efficient security infrastructure. Enterprises should also ensure periodic review of their overall data strategy, which includes collecting, processing, archiving, and deleting of data. The creation of business models with data can be the principle for achieving business flexibility. On the other hand, implementing threat intelligence in data environments can help in providing security against data thefts.

CIOs should make sure that employees understand the requirement of protecting the data belonging to the company. Furthermore, organizations should implement sufficient data protection controls, which can be monitored through GRC tools, management reviews, and KPI.

• A Balance between Data Protection and Business Agility:

Data protection, without a doubt, is the most crucial aspect for enterprise IT; nonetheless, it should not come at the price of business agility. CIOs and CISOs need to ensure that the implementation of controls is entirely based on business needs and never on market trends.

• A Change from CDO to CDPO:

For many years, chief digital officer (CDO) has been an emerging role in enterprises, but currently, organizations need CDPO (chief data protection officer). In the future companies might see a rising number of DPOs who can be hierarchically closer to the top management.

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