7 Security Measures to Counter Cyberattacks

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Organizations are trading their services and applications to the cloud as it significantly reduces their workload and is cost effective too. They are also using other technologies like machine learning (ML) and the internet of things (IoT) to gain deeper business insights. But it’s also up to the companies to counter the risks associated with these innovative solutions. Here are the seven latest security measures that every company should employ:


Attackers are continually seeking out for the loopholes in an organization’s network. Dealing with malware and malicious software is a perennial phenomenon. A firewall works to protect the organization’s system against the threats associated with the external networks and allows selectively blocking of the IP addresses.

Secure Browsers

Browsers are the direct gateway to the internet. Even attackers trying to capitalize on security weaknesses cannot avoid them. Thus, the organizations must use secure browsers that do not save employee logs online and restrict third parties and cookies from tracking their business.

Updated Antivirus

Systems within an organization, along with all the other nodes that can access the system are the potential infiltration points. Therefore, updated antivirus or security tools become crucial as they are critical for the safety of the systems.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN is embedded with encryption features for all the internet data transfer hence allowing the enterprises to have control over their data. Especially for the companies that use cloud services, a VPN ensures that the integrity of their network or cloud data is not at risk.

Proxy Servers

Deployment of proxy servers or VPNs provides an additional layer of security. It shields the employee’s activity against foreign elements. Besides, an organization can also monitor their employee’s network traffic and ensure that they are adhering to the policies of the company.

Security Conscious Employees

Security tools do not contribute to security unless skilled employees use them. Thus it is essential to educate the employees over the dynamic security policies frequently.

AI-Enabled Security Solutions

With AI acquiring the center stage, attackers are also using AI to create more sophisticated attacks. Therefore, organizations must also adopt AI-based security solutions to counter AI-based attacks.

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