6 IoT Predictions Every CIO Must Know

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, September 17, 2019

By leveraging the Internet of Things, enterprises are able to enhance security and protect the information and data.

FREMONT, CA: Internet of Things (IoT) in the industrial platform will be accelerating through the increased network agility, integrated artificial intelligence (AI), and the capacity to deploy, orchestrate, automate, and secure diverse use cases at a hyper-scale. IoT has already refreshed our lives right from the beginning and radically transformed the enterprise operations. IoT has rapidly gained popularity among the users and is a growing platform. Wherever there is a high volume of data, there is also a high risk of data being destroyed. The researchers and business analysts estimated that the year 2020 would witness around 20 to 50 billion devices, all connected and the investment in IoT systems and devices will be about $250 billion. Here are some IoT predictions made by industry experts. 

Integrated Framework

The major threat to the IoT is not from external factors. The lack of cooperation among the industry brains in the creation of an integrated framework could be one of the major threats for IoT. Many tech giants have spent a number of hours in re-inventing the wheel. Without a centralized, shared platform, and working in isolation, many players have developed similar solutions. The lack of cooperation has thrown challenges of integration and hindered the adoption of IoT technology and solutions. 

Advanced Edge Computing Platform

Offering security to devices necessitates more than securing the devices, that is building security protocols in the software apps, as well as the network connections that are used to connect those devices. Until now, IT teams had to only protect computers and mobile devices from malware, but now we must protect our home, car, appliances, wearables, and health monitors. IoT market is poised for rapid growth in the future, with more platforms entering the fray.

Increased Number of Self-driven Cars

Many experts predict that a greater number of cars will be connected in the year 2020. These connected cars will be inbuilt with internet services that help them to automatically drive itself, as well as increase the car's functionality. Google is already testing self-driven cars. Although this has been introduced, it might take time to evolve.

Leveled up Data Security and Auto Machine Learning

As more information is getting piled up in the network, more risky of a job it is to secure them. Data leaks are rising, and enterprises are now focusing on securing the data even more, for instance, secure sharing of data using innovative and advanced methods like blockchain. The enterprises will opt for machine learning models prediction in their operations to minimize the downtime. The firms will connect more and more large capital assets to the cloud. To enable machine learning at the edge and on the cloud, data will be retrieved from the historians and integrated with legacy systems.

Smart Cities

Devices that are used by the civic authorities to get the information and catch errant motorists and troublemakers, like video kiosks and surveillance kiosks, will be connected to the internet. Their functionality will increase along with a decrease in the error taking place. Smart homes are gaining immense popularity. It is estimated that the smart home industry will touch the $50 billion mark by the year 2020. The business analysts say that the world will move ahead from smart cities to a step further where the people can witness responsive cities, with minimum traffic congestion, increased safety, and enhanced sustainable development. 

Steady Growth with No Leaps

Smart home technology is another platform where growth is seen. The smart home technology will definitely grow, and homes will be more interactive with devices communicating what actions need to be taken rather than the other way around. Since many countries are struggling to deal with the segregation problems as of now, they will need extra time to resolve that first.

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