4 Major Solutions That will Give Businesses an Armor against Fraudsters

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, February 03, 2020

For making businesses more secure, enterprises are adopting cloud-based solutions. However, are they aware of the positive and negative facets of them?

FREMONT, CA: One of the biggest decisions that the entrepreneurs, before starting any business, need to make is whether to make use of on-premise or cloud-based business solutions. The following is a rundown of some solutions that will prove to be more secure when hosted in the cloud.

Anti-Virus Software

Generally, locally installed anti-virus software needs people to upgrade it on receiving notification regarding the latest version manually. However, cloud-based anti-virus software is secure against modern threats. This business solution receives near real-time updates within a short span, as soon as the cloud provider suspects any danger.

Hard drive backups

Hard drive backups do the job of shielding people from mishaps like crashes and accidentally deleted files. Good business solutions are capable of backing up with material with physical and cloud-based options. However, the ones present in the cloud provides a high level of protection against ransomware.

Though making use of physical backup hardware is very secure, but there are many cases where cybercriminals exploited connected drives along with the main hard drive.

Cybercriminals dealing with ransomware capitalize on susceptibilities. Not having the files backed up is a sign of significant weakness.

Content storage

These solutions enable users to store photos, documents, music files, and similar content in the cloud. Some solutions also possess collaboration components that allow a person to access information and work with their colleagues with the right credentials or links.

These kinds of cloud-based solutions have numerous security-related benefits over placing documents on-site and sharing them through file uploads post physical document scanning.

4. Phone systems

Businesses that have moved their phone systems to the cloud are enjoying immense privileges, ranging from enhanced scalability to a simplified setup. Cloud phone systems are the flawless business solution that supports consistency. The solution will even keep running on the company’s phones in case of bad weather conditions or any other reason.

Moreover, the cloud phone system can be hosted in multiple places. Therefore, other things will keep running smoothly, even if something happens at one data center. This concept is known as geographic redundancy, and it is one of the benefits offered by many cloud-based services.

The above four cloud-based business solutions will definitely help a company function more securely. However, enterprises must weigh the pros and cons before adopting one.

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