4 Key Predictions that will Govern the Physical Security in 2020

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, February 10, 2020

Physical security is one of the essential aspects of a business. With the new cyberthreats emerging every day, it has become important to adopt advanced technologies for physical security.

FREMONT, CA: In order to attain success in this age, it is vital for every organization to invest in physical security systems.

The concerns regarding physical security are universally constant; however, certain concerns of the company and their severity depend on many factors like location, type of facility, and political, social, and environmental context.

The following is a rundown of the top 4 predictions for the physical security industry in the year 2020.

Facial recognition and privacy

While some people see the utilization of facial recognition or other analytics that are capable of identifying individuals and track their movements as invasive, others see it as a powerful way to improve efficiency and security. In 2020, developers will require to operate hand in hand with regulating bodies, simultaneously continuing to improvise the technology to eradicate biases. Using the privacy-by-design approach for developing solutions will help in reducing concern and increasing protection.

Enhancing data protection with blockchain

Blockchain, when used in security technology, prevents tampering with video and access control evidence along with identity management systems. The technology has the capacity to track interactions with digital files, which further enables it to find out if a file has been tampered with. It also provides information about when and where the tampering took place. Moreover, it helps in maintaining the chain of custody and making sure that security data has not been modified.

Artificial Intelligence

In 2020, it is being anticipated that machine learning will continue to make great strides in the security sector, thus helping towns and law enforcement in the deployment of their physical resources more proficiently on the bases of predicted trends in crime. ML will also play a role in helping Automated License Plate Recognition systems in becoming better at reading characters, denying bad reads, recognizing a license plate’s state of origin, and more.

Physical identity management

In 2020, the out-of-the-box solutions will proliferate, which will result in smaller and mid-sized enterprises migrating to the cloud-based identity management system that they are able to implement conveniently. This cost-effective physical identity and access management (PIAM) solution will enable organizations to secure their facilities and systems by effectively handling access requests based on the identity of the individual and security policies of the company. Besides, they can make sure that only authorized individuals have access to the secured area and manage and automate the process.

Keeping the above predictions in mind, enterprises should start comprehending about deploying new technologies before it is too late.

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