3 Noteworthy Use Cases of Security Analytics

Russell Thomas, Enterprise Security Mag | Monday, August 02, 2021

Security analytics solutions add a critical filter to the massive enterprise data generated by users, applications, networks, and other security remediation in place.

FREMONT, CA: Given the growing number of cyber-attacks, data hacks, security breaches, security, and risk, Professionals must learn to develop and adopt strategies that continue the process of evaluation and analysis. Security analytics give these professionals the potential to detect, investigate, and respond to cybersecurity vulnerabilities quickly. Without such knowledge, it would be daunting to assess the state of an enterprise’s lines of security and respond promptly when issues arise. But what exactly can security analytics offer? Here is a deep dive into the security analytics use cases.

• Cloud Security Monitoring

The cloud poses its complexities and own rewards to enterprises looking to digitally transform. The cloud offers efficient communications and increased profitability for enterprises of all sizes. However, it offers particular cybersecurity hurdles as the IT infrastructure scales and becomes increasingly porous. Security analytics provides cloud applications monitoring and host sensitive data and monitors cloud-hosted infrastructure. Also, several solutions offer support across several relevant cloud platforms.

• User Behavior AnalysisTop Security Analytics companies

The users interact with IT infrastructure all of the time, and their behaviors decide the success or failure of cybersecurity. Therefore, the security analytics need to monitor employees for abnormal behaviors, indicating a threat or a compromised account. User behavior analysis can correlate potentially malicious activities by searching for suspicious patterns. It also provides visibility into the IT environment, compiling user activities from several datasets into complete profiles.

• Network Traffic Analysis

Traffic moves in and out of the network at all times, often through communications like email. High volume can prove complicated to maintain transactional visibility over all the enterprise network traffic. Security analytics can allow for the analysis of the enterprise network traffic, and it can establish baselines and identify anomalies. Additionally, this can function in tandem with cloud security monitoring to evaluate traffic moving in and out of the cloud infrastructure. Security analytics can also illuminate dark spots hidden in infrastructures and evaluate encrypted sensitive data, making sure that it stays in proper channels.  

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