3 Exclusive Benefits of Endpoint Security

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Endpoint security is seen as cybersecurity's frontline and represents one of the first places enterprises look to guard their networks.

FREMONT, CA: Enterprises are empowered with digitization, and technology has the upper hand in helping users connect to the internet for their needs. But, are the businesses online secured from cyber threats and security breaches? Are all the applications updated with security patch fixes before-hand? The answer is no, and the businesses and customers are in no doubt susceptible to malicious threats, and the hackers can take it over. So, securing the endpoints is a serious concern for most businesses. If their workstations are secure overall productivity will increase. Read on to discover the benefits of endpoint security for the company.

• Improved Patch Management

The endpoint patch contains vital security information that can help prevent cyber-attacks. Hackers exploit unpatched endpoints to enter into their prime targets. According to research, it takes an enterprise 97 days to test and implement patches to each endpoint. One of the benefits of endpoint security is that they can assist the IT security team finds unpatched devices; visibility can help troubleshoot potential vulnerabilities before hac

kers exploit them. Further, it also facilitates patching those devices in methods that don't disrupt workflows for employees.

• Increased Visibility

One most persistent problem in cybersecurity starts with a lack of visibility. Enterprises continue to strain in creating genuine insights into their environments. Without true visibility, cybersecurity professionals can't identify the attack surfaces which hackers plan to target. After all, hackers prefer targeting the vulnerable and neglected endpoints. Next-generation endpoint security solutions can help IT security find all of the devices connecting to the network, especially as enterprises consider whether to keep remote work a norm. Therefore, endpoint security helps uncover any gaps and perform regular checkups on potential weak spots.

• Streamlined Cybersecurity

Complex and layered endpoint protection increases the risks of a breach. This makes sense when considered objectively. Overloading endpoint with multiple agents causes integration problems that create security vulnerabilities. Instead, the more comprehensive agents enterprises can install, the better. Fortunately, the next-generation endpoint security solutions offer the more comprehensive potential that can help enterprises streamline their cybersecurity. 

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