Mountain Alarm: Proven Security and Fire Protection Evolving with New Technology

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Michael Bailey, CFO, Mountain AlarmMichael Bailey, CFO
In the year 1952, Fire Protection Service Corporation started as a door-to-door fire alarm company that sold mechanical wind-up alarm bells to detect rising heat levels or fire. Nearly 30 years later, the organization founded a new brand titled Mountain Alarm in order to meet the growing security needs of its customers. Today, Mountain Alarm uses only the most reliable state-of-the-art technology and equipment to deliver best-in-class security, fire protection, monitoring, test and inspections, emergency communications, access control, video surveillance, and a host of other services. While 80 percent of its 50,000 customers are in the commercial sector, Mountain Alarm offers equally reliable systems for all residential needs including security, life safety, home automation, and video.

Mountain Alarm designs and installs systems for projects of varying magnitude. “Our projects cater to the need for large-scale system integrations—full alarm integrations between fire alarm, access, security and camera systems. We also implement small commercial integrations; for instance, a shop owner needing a few cameras and single-door access for his store surveillance. We deal with all kinds of clients and offer every possible security solution,” says Michael Bailey, the CFO of Mountain Alarm. The meticulous pre-deployment process involves Team Mountain Alarm conducting a thorough analysis of a client’s premises and drawing architectural plans, before building a robust system that fits the exact security requirements of the customer.

The Utah-headquartered organization has established longstanding commercial partnerships with leading manufacturers in the fire protection and security systems realm. As a leading fire protection company, Mountain Alarm offers technologically-superior products such as Notifier by Honeywell, the product line of Canadian automation company Genetec, and other easy-to-use panels, sensors, and critical devices.

We realize that products come and go, they’re not going to last long without innovations. That’s why our team is constantly seeking new products and solutions

The team brings Genetec’s software system and integration platform into service to allow enhanced camera access control for its clients. Mountain Alarm is also able to cater to the retail industry with fully-designed systems that can integrate with Points of Sales (POS) systems. Since most modern stores utilize POS systems to track sales and inventory, they can leverage the benefits of analytical sales systems for real-time reports.

Bailey acknowledges that the perpetual evolution of technology will play a pivotal role in Mountain Alarm’s future product offerings. “We realize that products come and go, they’re not going to last long without innovations. That’s why our team is constantly seeking new products, so we can sell robust solutions and stay ahead of the curve,” he says, before adding that Mountain Alarm takes pride in “being as close to same-day-service as possible” and the organization goes the extra mile to service a client in the post-deployment stage. Mountain Alarm’s customer service representatives and field technicians are always just a phone call away!

To illustrate the extent of Mountain Alarm’s reliable fire and security solutions, Bailey relates a scenario involving a confectionery company that had a broken-down surveillance system. “We retrofitted their whole security system with a Genetec system. Now, they have complete access control systems, cameras, and intrusion systems; we also provided them with the facility to monitor their environmental systems. If there’s any sign of overheating in their premises, the staff of the organization will receive a text message on their phones,” explains the CFO. By leveraging Mountain Alarm’s solutions, the candy maker is now able to monitor various aspects of their business and get timely notifications of the same.

Going forward, Mountain Alarm hopes to grow its geographical footprint while also actively looking at strategic acquisitions of other security companies. In the meantime, the UL-listed Mountain Alarm has firmly established itself as a prominent player in the security landscape.
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