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MeasuredRisk: Intelligent Risk Assessment

Steve Simpson, Chief Commercial Officer, MeasuredRiskSteve Simpson, Chief Commercial Officer
“You are at risk. Fact. Risk is a constant danger that manifests in various forms, affecting every facet of an organization and deeply impacting the C-suite’s decision making,” states Steve Simpson, Chief Commercial Officer of MeasuredRisk, Inc. Analyzing potential business risks is vital and many organizations are making significant investments to deploy disparate risk and security solutions. However, the common tools available in the market are each capable of addressing only a few elements of the enterprises’ overall risk and security needs. “We identified a core business need that goes beyond the traditional IT ‘answer,’ ” asserts Simpson. MeasuredRisk is an advisory firm with a bespoke proprietary platform that consolidates a bank of relevant risk data, determines business critical information and presents it in a C-level-savvy way, distilled for clear, intuitive visibility of ‘areas of jeopardy’ and a business-wide perspective on risk. Further, through its intuitive reporting of contextual risk information, requisite for making board level assertions, the company is redefining the way business leaders see risk.

The firm’s risk analysis platform, along with its expertise in the cyber security, IT operations, business continuity, geopolitics and physical and executive risk assessment areas, provide companies with the necessary risk intelligence to protect assets whilst supporting existing technology investment ROI initiatives. Additionally, MeasuredRisk has garnered significant prominence for its ability to help customers gain a forensic insight into their operation and an understanding of the known, newly identified and unidentified ‘pain-points.’ “By engaging MeasuredRisk clients can become proactive and prepare their businesses by devising strategies that forestall probable risks while having a clear idea of their current risk situation,” says Simpson. “The benefits of implementing the MeasuredRisk platform become apparent and far-reaching when the client is able to see risk as we see risk.”

The benefits of implementing the MeasuredRisk platform become apparent and far-reaching when the client is able to see risk as we see risk

The MeasuredRisk platform’s [view] option is a static risk model that provides an external view for a single brand company into risks that they are exposed to from a cyber, economic, social, environmental and geopolitical perspective, whether local, regional or global. Whereas [connect] is a dynamic risk model that provides both an external and internal view of risks for a multi-brand organization. Additionally, [know] is a dynamic risk model that provides both an external and internal view for a multi-brand organization into risks, along with custom risk analysis inputs, irrespective of whether they are manual or automatic.

“At MeasuredRisk, we have a ‘best of breed’ team with years of experience in tackling real-world challenges and have the scars to prove it,” says Simpson. “People that can analyze the client’s needs and that have created a benchmark risk analysis platform to answer those needs.” The company’s advisors work with their customers to prioritize risk data, leverage existing solutions and investments and enhance their business risk perspective. Their skilled employees also give insights on security posture and help connect risk indicators from disparate sources, thus allowing clients to be aware of the impending risks.

The cyber security practice within MeasuredRisk is reflective of the synergy between its leading experts, architects, practitioners, and advisors in security architectures and cyber defense strategies. Looking ahead, “The future for MeasuredRisk is defined by the businesses and organizations we work with,” concludes Simpson. “We will scale our business accordingly and continue to apply the best minds in the world to meet the challenges of business and organizational risk, globally.”