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Lynx: Safeguarding System and Business

Rich Hlavka, CEO, LynxRich Hlavka, CEO
In this age of cyber-espionage, hackers are relentlessly and never cease to exploit the vulnerabilities in applications—subsequently disrupting the operations and impacting business outcomes. To acquire expertise or build in-house capabilities to parry these intrusions is not only expensive, but also unfeasible at times. In such a scenario, a security firm leveraging a hacker’s perspective plays a vital role in mitigating risk, reducing application downtime, and eventually ameliorating efficiency and security posture in a cost effective manner. The New York City, NY based Lynx emerges as the apt option as it offers full lifecycle security solutions with expertise in financial services, pharmaceutical, nuclear, energy, and healthcare sectors.

Lynx’s core principle is to tackle the challenges with insights to determine, remediate, and improve the effectiveness of cybersecurity. The company recognizes the importance of a proactive approach to security and discerns flaws and backdoors in clients’ systems. Team Lynx, comprising ethical hackers with experience in military intelligence and law enforcement, uses automated as well as manual testing methods to assess vulnerabilities and discern the extent and scope of risks. Lynx launches simulated attacks against managed applications and supporting infrastructure to zero in on threats to the integrity and resourcefulness of enterprise systems. After an analysis of application components and priority assignment, Lynx consults design options with clients to manage requirements in accordance with security practices.

Lynx’s team collaborates with application developers throughout the remediation process and helps apply industry best practices for problem resolution. Eventually, the developers are able to expedite code correction process and remove vulnerabilities due to flawed code. The company is proactive and assists clients with the installation of Web Application Firewalls (WAF), updating WAF policy, blocking intrusions and attacks, and supervises application performance. Lynx enables clients to fulfill compliance requirements including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

We have made significant investments in our people, product, and company branding to scale and meet the demand for our solutions

The company relies on tried and tested methodologies to achieve project within the timeline and restrain development expenditure. Lynx supports clients throughout the project lifecycle and helps them achieve IT security, compliance, and risk management goals. “To keep up with the pace and continue the fast momentum, we have made significant investments in our people, product, and company branding to scale and meet the demand for our solutions,” says Rich Hlavka, CEO of Lynx.

To encompass the broader set of security issues, Lynx empowers clients with Risk Manager that identifies, prioritizes, manages, and communicates key IT risk and security metrics to senior management and line-of-business. The product also furnishes real-time and continuous information about security and compliance across the enterprise. Clients can enable configurable alerts for specific users as well as user groups to obtain notifications of key conditions and state changes within security arrangements. The risk manager automates survey workflows, matches IT risk to business impact, and improves visibility of procedural and physical control activities. The solution not only helps the enterprises, but also external auditors by presenting compliance status in accordance with industry regulations.

Through comprehensive security solutions akin to Risk Manager, Lynx helps clients in sectors such as Finance and Healthcare. As security exploits and breaches are affecting enterprises as well as individuals, Lynx has an immense opportunity to stamp its mark of expertise and excellence by helping clients create a secure environment.

Lynx News

NXLog Enterprise Edition 5.0 is here

NXLog Ltd, popular developer of multiplatform log collection suites, is pleased to announce the release of a new major version, NXLog Enterprise Edition version 5.0 (EE 5.0), which includes many new features for enhancing secure and reliable log collection for enterprise. This new release further positions NXLog as the log collection agent of choice for MSSPs, SIEMs, and Log Management suites across Windows, Linux and Unix platforms, and containers, among many others.

NXLog has always committed itself to providing powerful logging solutions for IT security, and EE 5.0 is no exception. We believe it is one of the most robust solutions on the market today due to its platform independence and modular nature. Some of the new features:

• Passive network monitoring for systems with weak audit and tracing capabilities

• Protection for Data at Rest

• Better failover support

• On-the-fly compression and decompression can be used to write and read compressed data

• More efficient data processing

• Improved delivery reliability

• ID Resolution for better readability of log events

• Event correlations on Edge systems

• Tracking event identifiers to group related events

• Improved IPv6 Support

• FIFO Collection for Linux and UNIX Systems

With these features and many more, as well as the expert support NXLog is known for,NXLogEnterprise Edition 5.0 will be an invaluable tool in the hands of any organization with networking needsto deal with security risks, auditing needs, furthering regulatory restrictions, and usage data analysis. Logging is a tool that enterprise can not only do without, but will enhance its business through its use. Knowledge of everything that happens on your network is only a step away!