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JASK: Engineering Intelligent Security Operations Centers

Greg Fitzgerald, CMO, JASKGreg Fitzgerald, CMO
Today’s enterprises have become inherently dependent on technology and are increasingly migrating from conventional IT infrastructure to cloud technologies which requires a different approach when considering security programs. Though companies are investing significant resources on cyber security, they are ever more vulnerable to cyber attacks that can cripple their operations. “Adversaries still have the upper hand. Security operations center (SOC) teams are dealing with endless complexity trying to integrate multiple point solutions, the data is siloed and provides little context, making it impossible to manage. Unfortunately, existing approaches are unsustainable and not effectively addressing the current challenges,” begins Andrew Maloney, Global VP of Field Operations at JASK.

JASK is led by some of the most accomplished experts in the field of IT security with the single objective of developing intelligent software to more effectively manage SOCs through automation. While multiple solutions are available to analyze security breaches, the disparate nature of various IT systems leads to noise and inconsistencies when analysts attempt to consolidate data and identify malicious patterns. Also, the cumbersome process of manually configuring and integrating systems is time-consuming and requires a lot of manpower, resources that are scarce in today’s scenario. Further, SOCs are extensively governed by systems and processes that are resulting in alert overload. What security analysts today need is actionable data that helps to protect organizations by streamlining ways to investigate and understand the relevant data, without simply filtering out information that may, or may not valuable.

JASK’s solution, which is the world’s only Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) is an open platform available as software-as-a-service that addresses these challenges by developing intuitive relationships between available data sets, rather than just generating fragmented and out of context information. This is an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven, modern security operations platform that empowers analysts to concentrate on more critical risk mitigating tasks instead of wasting efforts on mundane processes. Since organizations these days deploy multiple devices that connect to their network and ultimately to enterprise applications, each endpoint serves as a possible vulnerability.
Andrew Maloney, Global VP, Field Operations, JASKAndrew Maloney, Global VP, Field Operations
By consolidating data from users, networks, devices, and third-party applications, JASK’s solution ingests information from virtually any source, applying further context and visibility to help security analysts reduce response times.

While JASK’s solution can be deployed within a matter of hours, many customers choose to work closely with the team to ensure that it addresses their specific requirements. JASK follows a robust and systematic process to understand each customer’s exact workflows. The first stage is what it calls the design workshop. By analyzing the exact business processes and identifying areas of improvement, JASK forms a thorough understanding of clients’ environments. The firm analyzes the applications a client uses, how users interact with these applications, and how data is stored within the company. Using this knowledge, relevant data is gathered and integrated in the most appropriate manner to deliver data with context that is relevant to each individual organization.

The value JASK adds to an enterprise’s security infrastructure is illustrated by its work with GreenSky, LLC, a leading financial technology company, who initially approached JASK with a simple network visibility challenge. The goal was to uncover blind spots within the enterprise to know what was actually happening. GreenSky’s CSO, Lewis Brodnax, quickly understood the value proposition of consolidating toolsets well beyond the network. “By integrating disparate data sources into a purpose built platform, and delivering analysis and enrichment to this data, JASK has provided context and insights not previously available to GreenSky’s security team. We are now exponentially more efficient and effective than ever before,” commented Brodnax.

In addition to many technology alliances with best-of-breed solution providers and specialist resellers, JASK is materializing its objective of global expansion through a recent partnership with Ignition Technologies, which will improve the firm’s reach in the European market. “We have an unwavering focus on innovation, and we hire only the best and the brightest software developers and focus on aligning with innovators in cyber security technology. We have significantly added to our leadership team and are strengthening our internal processes to accomplish our mission of revolutionizing the security industry,” concludes Greg Fitzgerald, CMO at JASK.


JASK ASOC Presents a Platform on the Interlocal Purchasing Systems (TIPS)

Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) platform to government and non-profit organizations will beef-up security analyst workflows.

FREMONT, CA: In the present scenario people are much depended on technology to carry out even the simplest of tasks every day. Enterprises are inherently migrating from IT infrastructure to cloud technologies. JASK, the provider of cloud-native SIEM platform has declared their availability of Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) platform to Government and Non-Profit Organizations on The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS)

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