FireMon: Proactive Security Intelligence

FireMon: Proactive Security Intelligence

Satin Mirchandani, CEO,FireMon

Ensuring Digital Security in Sacramento County

Ensuring Digital Security in Sacramento...

Rami Zakaria, CIO, Sacramento County

Conjur: Trust Management in the Cloud and Container Era

Conjur: Trust Management in the Cloud...

Elizabeth Lawler, CEO & Co-Founder,Conjur

Fortidm Technologies: Augmenting the Security Posture of Organizations

Fortidm Technologies: Augmenting the...

Hariram Hari, Founder & President,Fortidm Technologies

Taking control of IT Operations through the Critical Security Controls

Taking control of IT Operations through the Critical Security Controls

Matthew J. Harmon, Principal Consultant, IT Risk Limited

Check Point Software Technologies [NASDAQ: CHKP]: Endpoint Security—Guaranteed

Gil Shwed, Founder and CEO,Check Point Software Technologies

Trustwave: Smart Security On Demand

Robert J. McCullen, Chairman & CEO,Trustwave

The Emerging Threat of Hacking-as-a- Service

Ondrej Krehel, MD & Founder, LIFARS

Cyberspace Armor: Ensuring Confidentiality and Integrity of Information Systems

Cyberspace Armor: Ensuring...

Cecil Powell, CEO,Cyberspace Armor

The Hidden Disadvantage Of Strong Encryption

The Hidden Disadvantage Of Strong...

Andrea Di Fabio, Interim CIO, Norfolk State University

Managing IT Environments with Agility and Speed in an Increasingly Digital World

Managing IT Environments with Agility...

Laura Sanders, General Manager, IBM Global Technology Services Systems Services

ULedger: Modernizing IT Infrastructure through Blockchain

ULedger: Modernizing IT Infrastructure...

Josh McIver, Founder & CEO ,ULedger