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Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security and Trust Officer, CymaticMalcolm Harkins, Chief Security and Trust Officer
“Today, web applications continue to be highly vulnerable to attacks due to the lack of good security solutions that don’t deal well with even simple threats, such as poor credential and device hygiene,let alone with more complex identity-based attacks,” asserts Malcolm Harkins, chief security and trust officer at Cymatic. “We help organizations prevent breaches and provide business leaders and auditors with proof of security hygiene by focusing on users’ behavioral attributes.”

Owing to numerous cyber attacks the world has witnessed in the past few years, compromised credentials and data breaches have undoubtedly become a nightmare for organizations. The recent Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report highlights that 29 percent of all breaches involve stolen credentials—making compromised and vulnerable credentials one of the biggest threats facing organizations. Irrespective of the security structure in place, with botnets that target an organization’s customers or malware such as Trojans, Spyware, and Keylogger to steal credentials, data breaches and company-wide password resets are more common today than ever before. Moreover, these stolen credentials fueled more than 28 billion credential-stuffing attacks in 2018 alone. Amidst the costly consequences of compromised data, including a loss of intellectual property, damage to brand reputation, and revenue loss, companies are struggling to keep up with the cyberattacks.

Perfectly poised to address the security requirements of organizations is Cymatic—a company that autonomously identifies and verifies a user’s security hygiene at the browser and blocks threats before they reach the network. The company was founded by Jason Hollander and Paul B. Storm to simplify the way organizations secure their online applications. In order to overcome the limitations of today’s siloed and ineffective security solutions, Cymatic engineered a new approach to web security.

We can effectively manage risk, control costs, and reduce friction with our all-in-one security platform

Delivered through an agentless snippet that installs within seconds, the company’s all-in-one platform leverages contextual-based machine learning and autonomous remediation to protect and secure web applications at the browser. It successfully ensures that a user’s security hygiene does not adversely affect the cyberhealth of a company’s web properties. Cymatic offers the only all-in-one platform that provides web applications with deeper visibility and proactive remediation of the threats as well as the vulnerabilities users bring with them on their devices. It also delivers the only foundation for true next-generation protection at the browser.

In order to protect companies from vulnerability, Cymatic focuses on mitigating and managing risk before anyone can gain access to websites, web apps, and web services, either externally or internally. “Our platform gives us the real-time visibility we need to ensure all of the web apps are secure from user- and device-based threats, without disrupting the user experience. We have no agents and no cookies, which enables us to deliver a seamless and secure customer experience,” explains Harkins. In addition, Cymatic’s behavioral engine powered by dark web intelligence and credential-defense technology offers behavior-based automation. The engine preemptively identifies form-filling automations and doesn’t let threats reach the network.

Although a new entrant in the market, the company has carved a niche in the industry by providing organizations with real-time visibility into user and visitor behavior to detect risk, mitigate threats, and enforce security hygiene. Cymatic has been garnering huge traction in the market with customers, including enterprises in industries like financial services, healthcare, and government. The company is transforming security by providing organizations with comprehensive credential defense and detection, autonomous threat resolution at the browser, compliance-driven reports, and analytics alongside unmanaged device remediation. Steering ahead, Cymatic aims to explore more markets and increase its customer base by expanding into legal, education, and e-commerce. “We can effectively manage risk, control costs, and reduce friction with our all-in-one security platform. That’s why customers rely on Cymatic to protect their web applications without impeding the user experience,” concludes Harkins.
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Raleigh, NC

Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security and Trust Officer

Cymatic offers the only all-in-one web security platform that delivers confidence across devices, credentials, and users. It autonomously identifies and verifies a user’s security hygiene and blocks threats at the browser. Delivered through an agentless JavaScript snippet that installs in seconds, organizations that provide web applications rely on Cymatic for real-time visibility into user and visitor behavior to detect risk, mitigate threats, and enforce security hygiene. Cymatic is headquartered in Raleigh, NC with offices in California and New York