Top 10 Security Consulting Companies - 2016

Core Security: Mitigating Vulnerabilities through Advanced Analytics

CIO VendorDavid Earhart, CEO
Proliferation of applications and evolving networks encompassing internal, external, and cloud environments, has put critical infrastructure and data at a greater risk of being compromised. While traditional security practices, solutions, and risk management approach seem to deliver lack lustre results, the demand for more effective strategy is on an all-time high. Equipped with a cutting-edge attack intelligence platform delivering advanced analytics to eliminate vulnerabilities and security threats, Core Security is a security consulting and solutions company that emulates the most intelligent hacker in the horizon. “Core Security is laser focused on breaking down industry’s silos to build a holistic view of vulnerability and access risk,” says David Earhart, CEO, Core Security.

Core Security’s approach in security threat mitigation revolves around modelling, simulating, and testing the actions of an actual attacker. With comprehensive vulnerability as well as access and identity management testing services encompassing network, web, mobile, and wireless, the company leads in deterring, detecting, and eliminating vulnerabilities and threats.

Specializing in Identity Governance and Administration, password management, Penetration Testing (Pen Test), Core Security’s security experts work in liaison with the IT teams of its clients ranging from largest retailers and financial institutions to build comprehensive security solutions. Core Security uses real world techniques to discover, consolidate, and prioritize vulnerabilities across the distributed enterprise applications and networks. The company also recommends prioritization of remediation efforts for high-risk systems.

Through Application Penetration Testing, security experts inspect application’s source code for vulnerabilities by using real world attack strategies. With this test, companies get to know the attack path, Proof of Concept for the vulnerabilities identified, vulnerability criticality rating, and recommendations for threat mitigation. Network Penetration Test, on the other hand, focuses on vulnerabilities to the internal, external, wireless, and cloud networks.

Core Security is laser focused on breaking down industry's silos to build a holistic view of vulnerability and access risk

Diving deeper into threat mitigation for the cloud environments, Core Security’s cloud security management covers the cloud infrastructure, applications, and corporate network integration. With phishing campaigns frequently hacking into business systems, security experts assess an enterprise’s users and workstations by attacking these systems and recording their reaction capabilities. At the end of these vulnerability testing procedures, the company provides proof of compromise while enumerating the attacks with detailed results.

As an answer to the stringent regulatory requirements, and to check the spiralling data breaches, Core Security has recently introduced a comprehensive tool, Core Impact Pro, for testing and assessing security vulnerabilities. By leveraging multi-vector testing capabilities across network, mobile, web, and wireless, the tool tests Common Vulnerability Exploits effectively. The tool specializes in simplifying re-testing of patched systems and delivering detailed remediation reports for critical issues.

Companies from various industry verticals including universities and federal agencies leverage Core Security for security their critical infrastructure, business assets, and data. The company has achieved federal certifications such as Army CON, Navy DADMS, and NAICS 511210 that makes it a reliable partner in ensuring end-to-end security. When Large Midwestern University faced the challenge of securing its network and IT assets while ensuring compliance to security standards, Core Security was engaged to meet these security requirements. Through pen tests, Core Security validated the efficacy of the university’s security apparatus including vulnerability scanners and helped it prioritize the remediation efforts.

Backed by a strong attack intelligence platform, Core Security excels in identifying true threats through its advanced penetration and PCI compliance testing. With a strong team of security experts, the company strides ahead delivering specialized security services for security assessments and training.