Black Belt Security (BB-SEC): The Partner for Holistic Cybersecurity

The post-pandemic world has driven businesses to accelerate their digital transformation journey by designing robust tools and applications. This, combined with the growing WFH trend, has exposed organizations to more cybercrimes. They need a sound strategy to target vulnerabilities and boost security posture by understanding where cyber risks lie. However, the biggest roadblock to achieving this feat is the lack of talents who can run comprehensive tests to reveal the gaps and build a strategy to fix them.

That’s where Black Belt Security (BB-SEC) comes in.

BB-SEC is a cybersecurity consulting company providing premium quality cybersecurity solutions and services like manual penetration testing, security automation, static code analysis, and architecture reviews for SMBs and larger enterprises.

BB-SEC has quality security talent that identifies security gaps and generates reports on risks and security threats, serving as a basis for risk mitigation. Even with the consistent shortage of cybersecurity professionals, the company is capable of selecting the right talent. It hires people after an in-depth assessment that includes a seven-step interview process.

“We undergo a comprehensive review process to understand whether a candidate is able to conduct pentests. This includes pentest against simulated web applications,” says Veronika Stolbikova, CEO, BB-SEC.

Another thing that makes BB-SEC stand out is the unparallel mix of commercial and proprietary tools that they use to ensure the success of every project. BB-SEC realizes that each business has unique requirements when it comes to cybersecurity.
A one-size-fits-all approach is not feasible in this regard, prompting the company to rightly understand client expectations and tailor its solutions according to their needs. This ability to customize its solutions enables BB-SEC to provide an optimum customer experience. For instance, many times, clients approach the company as they are unable to find out how they are being hacked by bad actors. BB-SEC enables these organizations to find all the vulnerabilities and fix those before bad actors cause harm.

“Our customer-focused mentality, coupled with proven methodology and a talented team, enables us to deal with any situation. Our security assessments are comprehensive and can reveal high-value vulnerabilities, which our customers greatly appreciate,” says Stolbikova.

We undergo a comprehensive review process to understand whether a candidate is able to conduct pentests. This includes pentest against simulated web applications

Despite a large number of cybersecurity companies in the market, it is challenging to find service providers that can work around clients’ changing schedules. BB-SEC is capable of finishing every project within a stipulated timeframe. This is undoubtedly a remarkable feat, given the current industry standards.

Deploying a proactive approach to cybersecurity, BB-SEC has become the go-to partner for numerous organizations that lack the resources to address their cybersecurity needs. In the coming years, the company expects to help more businesses address their security needs.
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Black Belt Security (BB SEC)

Black Belt Security (BB SEC)

North Carolina

Veronika Stolbikova, CEO

Black Belt Security is a cybersecurity consulting company specializing in high-quality cybersecurity consulting services such as penetration testing, code reviews, security automation and vulnerability assessments. They help companies mitigate risk and save money by improving their cybersecurity posture