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Avancer: Managing Identities and Access Rights

Arun Mehta, CEO & Co-Founder, AvancerArun Mehta, CEO & Co-Founder
In an era where enterprises look at collaboration as a core element for business efficiency, the usage of mobile devices open up the doors to pile up of unstructured data, creation of multiple identities, and exponential number of access points. As enterprise resources are extended to multiple users, companies struggle to manage identities, reduce security risks, govern access, and therefore depend on Identity and Access Management (IAM) technologies to minimize operational bottlenecks. With nearly two decades of experience in Program Management and strong knowledge in IT Security, Arun Mehta, CEO and Co-Founder steers his company, Avancer to help clients tackle enterprise security challenges and address corporate needs on IAM. According to Mehta, “IAM is not just about a solution being integrated into the IT system. There is a whole dynamism involved in IAM integration and the solution opted is just one part of it.”

The firm’s consultancy service guides clients and helps them create robust, reliable, and responsive networks and systems. Customers can easily venture out in the new business territories and discover innovative paths to secure identity security, manage risk, undertake office automation strategies and control business costs at the same time.

Through its understanding of the importance of securing sensitive information, Avancer empowers customers in Identity and Access Governance (IAG) to tactically manage identities and execute access rights. The company’s Identity as a Service Solution (IDaaS) amalgamates all the key IGA functionalities on a secured cloud platform, while allowing clients to have a command over their external/ internal provisioned applications and resources. The firm also bestows users with robust provisioning capabilities, compliance advantages, identity intelligence access governance and policy enforcement while preventing technical loopholes and data breaches.

IAM is not just about a solution being integrated into the IT system. There is a whole dynamism involved in IAM integration and the solution opted is just one part of it

The solution helps users to set up a structure facilitating data access anytime and anywhere through a strong backbone of centralized and unified directory; thereby, simplifying user experience.

Besides, Avancer also offers Mobile IAM solution which streamlines the enterprise network by allowing legitimate and authenticated access to corporate resources. The solution enables customers to check identity, application syncs and access rights on mobile devices and seamlessly handle mobile related competencies, implement BYOD policies, and manage multiple applications consistently and cohesively.

Once, an independent Research Institute focused on generation, delivery, use, management and environmental effects on electricity came forward to Avancer and requested its assistance. The client had offices in six locations across the U.S. and a user base of about 55,000 members which required the customer to attend their website and portal operations 24x7 and keep a check on the cloud based apps access to Workday and Concur. Avancer helped the client to set up a Mobile Access and Single Sign-On (SSO) facility which allowed them just-in-time access and information sharing within the organization. The IMA solution enabled the user to easily deal with the existing challenges and achieve robust automation system and improve operational efficiency.

Avancer has recently partnered with E-Trust Security and Saviynt and this collaboration will help the firm to enhance its solutions and offerings. In the near future, the company will launch new products and leverage the capabilities in the present solutions and help clients to manage identity and access in a better way.