Top 10 Unmanned Security Solution Companies - 2018

Aptonomy: Enhancing Aerial Security with Autonomous Drone-based Solutions

One of the major challenges for the enterprises is to instill safety and protection in their work environments, especially in places where human intervention can be challenging. San Francisco based company; Aptonomy comes up with one of the best solutions for providing complete security. The company leverages drone technologies for autonomous asset tracking system that will negate the labor-intensive and error-prone job of manually tracking assets outdoors. Aptonomy offers an IoT platform that integrates drone systems with existing inventory management solutions to make anomaly tracking more efficient and effective, especially in factories, warehouses, and other such facilities.

The key offering of the company is the AptoTrac, which is an automatic drone-based solution that helps to solve long-standing inventory issues of outdoor assets. It is also attuned with pre-existing tags that are already placed on the asset. Routine and autonomous flights made by drones reduce human intervention to a great extent. This makes the system safe, reliable, and free from any security breaches or data thefts. The self-flying drones are high-tech, with the extensive use of cameras and computers onboard and provide real-time asset location data. This aerial security system scans every asset by conducting regular flights over a pre-assigned perimeter. It can receive updates three times faster, and reduces security costs by 75 percent.

The drone solutions offered by Aptonomy functions majorly focuses on visual tracking rather than traditional RFID technology. The former system allows for centimeter precision while scanning any asset, which is far less in the case of RFID. Additionally, visual tags are less expensive than the RFID tags, which make the process cost-effective.

On the services side, Aptonomy provides its customers with Aerial Protection Services that involves automatic guard tours, alarm dispatch, and anomaly detection. The drone-based security service is ten times more effective than traditional security measures. This solution includes a Smart Drone System and an Aerial Protection Officer on-site. Drones do not require human piloting and help improving the ground-based duties, as per the requirement of the customers. The drones are designed in a manner so that they can automatically detect any anomaly in the pre-assigned perimeter and immediately locate the source of any activity, on the property. They simultaneously send updates about the intrusion to the concerned stakeholders.
The company has collaborated with several security companies including Watchlight Corp., Paladin Private Security, and Admiral Security Services to provide appropriate aerial security solutions to all its end users. The Vice President of Watchlight Corp stated that “We have increased our outdoor security efficiently with Aptonomy drone system.” In their successful collaborations, Aptonomy also makes it a point to develop good relationships between the commercial partners and their customers in the Unmanned Aircraft System (C-UAS) markets. This makes it an even more likely choice for several enterprises worldwide. The company has successfully offered AI expertise at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Lockheed Martin, DARPA, Army Research Labs, and Intel, among several other esteemed clientele.

What separates us from the competition is our advanced proprietary algorithms and robotics know-how to make our drones smart, safe, and user-friendly

Aptonomy aims at improving their drone solutions even further to help customers with efficient ways to promote security and surveillance. The installation of onboard computer vision is a step further in helping to differentiate a human entity from other objects. The company also envisions employing new mechanisms in making the drone software easily adaptable for all weather types and terrain. These improvements will make the software advanced and user-friendly to all its users. The co-founder of Aptonomy, Siddharth Sanan says, “What separates us from the competition is our advanced proprietary algorithms and robotics know-how to make our drones smart, safe, and user-friendly.”