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Tod Ewasko, Director of Product Management, AccessDataTod Ewasko, Director of Product Management
The volume and severity of data breaches have grown tremendously with the increase in a number of businesses going digital. Cyber-attacks happen with lightning speed, resulting in data loss and data exposure that leave a myriad of organizations with ruined brand reputation, loss of customer trust, and business discontinuity. After a data breach, these organizations should act instantly on the investigation process otherwise the data will be long gone. Typically, many of them end-up employing almost eight to nine agents to explore a single incident. And at times, integrating the data from these multiple agents and generating a single actionable report may take anywhere from three days to four weeks and sometimes even three months. As a result, identifying the main perpetrators and recovering the lost data is near to impossible. This is where AccessData comes to the rescue. With more than 30 years of experience, the firm serves as a single stop for digital forensics, incident response, legal review, compliance, auditing, and information assurance for civil and criminal filings, promoting smarter, swifter, and secure investigations. “With our multiple solutions we give clients the ability to see the problem at different angles from a single point and ensure that they get a clear picture of the incident faster to respond more quickly,” begins Tod Ewasko, Director of Product Management, AccessData.

The firm’s flagship product, Forensic Toolkit® (FTK®) is a “household name” in digital forensics. FTK helps clients to collect and analyze evidence, crack passwords, recover deleted data, and build a report, reducing time and increasing efficiency. FTK collects data virtually from any location—computer hard drives, USB devices, and network shares—and preserves data integrity by creating forensic images of the digital evidence.
The solution also offers an advanced data carving engine, pre-defined processing files, and advanced visualization tools. With AccessData’s advanced analysis process they dramatically enable organizations to explore more search options and zero in on the relevant data to find exactly who is involved in the incident. “With our product, the clients can take a deep dive into the data, carve out the memory, finding artifacts in the registry or disk, pull out the deleted data, and recover the partial files. These artifacts coupled with AccessData’s processing speed and the ability to perform all types of investigations with a single agent provides an outstanding set of tools for examiners,” extols Ewasko.

Using the power of FTK’s processing engine as a foundation, AccessData grew their portfolio to include additional solutions for internal employee investigations and post breach investigations, as well as manage the complete e-discovery workflow.

AD Enterprise was built to enable remote, covert investigations at every point of a client’s network, for greater data transparency on a real-time basis all while ensuring the chain of custody is not broken. Clients can preview live data at the endpoint, perform remote collections, conduct live memory analysis and more in a single solution for fast, focused post-breach investigations without interruptions to business operations. AD eDiscovery assists clients in the areas of end-to-end e-discovery management, compliance, risk mitigation, and helps improvement overall efficiency. It acts as a single pane of glass for forensically sound enterprise-wide preservation/lit hold, search, collect, process data and complete legal review which can be a better defense to hold up in court.

AccessData offers its multiple portfolios to corporate organizations, government agencies, law firms,and law enforcement. Marching forward, the firm is in constant development mode partnering with big giants like Winmagic, Dell, McAfee, Belkasoft, Compelson, dtSearch, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and more to enhance their solutions further depending upon the needs of the clients. Also to keep track of new challenges in the industry, AccessData does interviews with the clients from time to time looking for solutions to solve those challenges. “We are constantly updating our products to stay ahead of the rapid changes in the industry, to deliver solutions to our clients that help them address their evolving investigative challenges,” concludes Ewasko.
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Tod Ewasko, Director of Product Management

Since thirty years, AccessData has pioneered digital forensics and litigation support for law enforcement, government agencies, corporations and law firms around the world. With their novel approach and proven methodology, they have empowered their clients to have faster insights, trusted answers and better results. They provide both stand-alone and enterprise-class solutions for criminal and civil investigations, including digital forensics, incident response, legal review, compliance, auditing and information assurance. Their innovative product-line consist of various purpose-built tools such as Forensic Toolkit FTK®, Ad Lab, Quin-C™, AD eDiscovery®, AD Triage, Cerberus and many more