Skybox Security and Indegy Ventures into Cybersecurity for Networks

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, May 24, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Skybox Security will be integrating with Indegy to provide better protection to interconnected IT and OT (Operational Technology) networks.

Skybox Security, a cyber risk management global leader, estimates that the various IT teams are not aware of the OT networks as most of them connect actual devices, equipment, and people physically in the industry. To provide better support, cyber-infrastructure, and security, the merger with Indegy proves more substantial. It not only gives proper support to the industry but also provides an overall view of all the processes that are happening on the dot.

“Our integration with Indegy strengthens the visibility and insight we give customers with hybrid IT-OT networks, so they can accurately prioritize and respond to those risks,” says Amrit Williams, Skybox Security VP of Products. We can compensate each other with this partnership, connecting corporate and production networks, providing better vision and visualizations, he added.

Indegy, as a leader in industrial cybersecurity, can play a significant role here. This partnering will see Skybox providing the industry’s broadest cyber risk management system along with Indegy’s industrial cyber security protecting industrial control system (ICS) from online threats, malicious insiders and human errors.

 “Having a bird’s eye view of a hybrid IT-OT network is hugely valuable,” Mille Gandelsman, CTO of Indegy said. He shares that Skybox’s assistance in providing a high-level view and insights into corporate networks is useful. Users can attain reliable, rich and updated reports of control systems and devices. Bringing them all under one stream Skybox correlates the relevant business information increasing efficiency, he added.

With this new venture both Skybox Security and Indegy plan to increase visibility, contextual intelligence, and analytics-driven automation to eliminate the underlying risks or respond at the earliest.

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