King & Union's Avalon and FireEye Threat Intelligence will Now be Functioning together

Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, July 26, 2019

Todd While, VP Channel Sales and Business Development

FireEye Threat Intelligence and the Avalon SaaS Cyber Analysis Platform by King & Union will be functioning together.

Fremont, CA: Based in Alexandria, VA, King & Union empowers security teams to effortlessly develop and deliver the right intelligence to the right place across various levels of the concerned organization. To achieve this, the firm unifies data from different tools onto a single cyber analysis platform.

The firm announced an innovative integration between Avalon, their SaaS cyber analysis delivery platform and FireEye Threat Intelligence.

Having real-time collaboration as its base, Avalon by King & Union enables integration across the security team and across all industries, thereby multiplying the capability of the security team, which otherwise might function in a more or less isolated way.

While functioning together, the Avalon and FireEye combination enables security teams to automatically leverage the FireEye Threat Intelligence, which can enrich current and future investigations towards cyber attacks. As a result, users can quickly envisage data for a better understanding on integrating additional data from external and internal sources into a single interactive working space. By doing so, it would be easy to investigate threats and deliver optimal results required throughout the enterprise.

"Our goal with the Avalon platform and our key partnerships with industry leaders, like FireEye, is to provide a way for security teams to bring threat intelligence, regardless of which tools and vendors they already use, into a unified, dedicated workspace," said Todd While, VP Channel Sales and Business Development. "The efficiency that analysts gain by not having to pivot between countless applications to investigate, create effective visualizations, and communicate with other security team members or the ISAC community greatly reduces time-to-resolution and gives back up to 25% of their time to focus on doing security and not administrative tasks,” Todd concludes.

Cybercriminals continue to evolve technologically, and new ways of cyber-attacks are emerging. The FireEye Threat Intelligence is capable of proactively defending new forms of cyber threats. This result is achieved by delivering actionable and comprehensive intelligence by aligning corporate risk management goals with security programs.