How to Avoid Email Security Breaches?

Russell Thomas, Enterprise Security Mag | Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Irrespective of the size of the business, let it be a small-scale non-profit or an enterprise-level company, email security is a priority for every institute.

FREMONT, CA: As the techniques of the hackers grow more sophisticated, the standards of email security breaches and the occurrence at which they occur, rise higher with each passing year. Last year around 2 billion unique email addresses, along with over 21 million unique passwords, were exposed only in a single data breach. It became clearer that the violation took place in such a massive way due to poor data security practices. The targeted entities stored their customer data on an unsafe public-facing database.

Such massive escalation made people nervous about their data protection. Several sites have come ahead in response to the public’s terror, and the individuals have begun to look into safer email providers in order to secure their communications. Businesses also need to take significant actions to protect their customers’ data to avoid being an unconscious subject to the great email security breach that might be the next.

Top 10 Web Security Solution Companies 2019Starting from downtime and business disturbances, along with reputational damages, the cost of an email security breach that an institution pays can be extremely catastrophic. Nevertheless, there exist a few simple practices that the businesses can deploy to improve their email security game:

Antivirus Software:

Antivirus software can primarily cut down the threats of email security breaches that stand against every business. It cannot completely protect the business one-headedly, which is why it is significant for it to implement a few other practices, as well.

Safe Email Gateway:

Having a secure email gateway or an email security gateway, which is built to protect the transmission of emails and send malware can filter all incoming and outgoing email traffic and mark the messages that have suspicious attachments. By implementing a secure email gateway that is clubbed with automated email encryption, which recognizes outgoing messages with potential confidential data and encrypts it, businesses can keep away the hackers from accessing their content.

Safe Archiving Solution:

Building a paper trail is crucial for regulatory, as well as for legal reasons. Therefore, most businesses need to have a system, all set to store email records automatically within an archive. Additionally, the companies need to look for specific features such as the one that makes use of encryption, role-based permissions, user authentication, and a multilayered approach to security while selecting an email archiving solutions.

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