3 Ways of Multifactor Authentication for Enterprise Security

Justin Anderson, Manager - Cyber Threat Intelligence, LPL Financial

3 Ways of Multifactor Authentication for Enterprise SecurityJustin Anderson, Manager - Cyber Threat Intelligence, LPL Financial

Multifactor authentication has increasingly been looked upon by security teams in enterprises across the world.

Most enterprises are envisioning a higher level of enterprise security and are turning towards multifactor authentication. This means of security has been around for quite some time and proves to be reliant, accurate, and effective. Being one of the strongest enterprise security techniques, many companies are understanding and adopting the recent advancements that have taken place in the domain of multifactor authentication.

Here are the top 3 methods of multifactor authentication that every enterprise must know.

1. OTP

Nowadays, validation and verification of identity is most commonly done with the help of one time passwords (OTPs). OTP has become a very popular method of multifactor authentication that not only increases reliability but also seems to be promising. OTP via SMS stands as the most loved and most used method as it does not involve the installation of any external software or mobile application. OTPs reach instantly through a single message to the user's inbox.

2. Tokens

Cryptographic tokens and also smart cards have become integral parts of multifactor authentication. Encryption, decryption, and other such cryptographic operations can be efficiently performed with the help of secured cryptographic tokens and smart cards. Both of these entities remain dedicated to users and ensure complete trust. 

3. Standalone mobile applications 

Mobile applications enabling multifactor authentication are now immensely gaining prominence. These are most commonly called authenticator apps. These apps feature high-quality user interface that helps the users switch between multiple screens and platforms to authenticate. Authenticator apps also help in thwarting malicious actions and intrusions.

With the above 3 most commonly used multifactor authentications methods prove to be effective. Most professionals, companies, and technologists from the domain of enterprise security have been trying to adopt, leverage, and innovate these latest methods in order to reap outcomes pertaining to the highest level of trusted security all across the enterprise. 

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