Top 10 Vulnerability Management Solution Providers - 2018

From budding startups to multinational enterprises—regardless of the size—every company is struggling with the overload of data. With the increase in the volume of business and personal data, increases the threat of data breaches. On the other hand, the increasing adoption of vulnerable technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) has escalated the cyber criminal activities. This in turn has created a huge demand for robust technologies that can take immediate action and improve security.

Next to achieving the business goals, vulnerability management (VM) has become the second priority for every organization. Companies are shifting their focus from protection to prevention to reduce pitfalls. Consequently, forward-looking CISOs are transforming their VM programs focusing more on reducing the impact of vulnerabilities on the organization, rather than running mere scans. VM tools have evolved over the years with new capabilities including authenticated or agent based scans.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (MI) models are gaining popularities with ability to anticipate and accurately identify the attacks to arrest them. AI in behavioral analysis can effectively structure and organize data. It identifies the fraud pattern and produces an accurate threat defense. Consequently, Machine Learning (ML) is being leveraged by organizations for strengthening cybersecurity with its efficiency to provide distinct solutions according to the degree of the risk. Besides, companies continue to rely on DevOps to set goals, monitor, and identify processes, and check for security misconfigurations and vulnerabilities earlier in the development lifecycle.

Our distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts including Enterprise Security Magazine editorial board has reviewed the top providers of vulnerability management solutions and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling industry challenges.

In this edition of Enterprise Security Magazine, we present you “Top 10 Vulnerability Management Solution Providers 2018” featuring the companies that are creating an impact in the vulnerability management sector.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Appknox Provides mobile application security testing services to build a safe and secure mobile ecosystem using a system plus human approach to outsmart hackers
BeyondTrust BeyondTrust security solutions delivers the visibility to reduce risks and the control to act against internal and external data breach threats
GFI Software Develops smart enterprise-class IT solutions enabling IT admistrators to easily and efficiently manage and secure their business networks, systems and applications
Kenna Security A computer and network security organization that uses its Cyber Risk Context Technology platform to identify and remediate cyber risks
Loki Labs A company led by former NSA security experts with an objective to help companies steer clear of the vulnerabilities in their infrastructure
Nteligen Offers comprehensive solutions for enterprises worldwide to protect data against loss, misuse,and destruction
Qualys Helps organizations streamline and consolidate their security and compliance solutions in a single platformfor better business outcomes
Rapid7 Powered by advanced analytics, Rapid7 transforms data into insight, empowering IT and security professionals to progress and protect their organizations
Reveelium Inc A leading IT security firm offering an ingenious behavioral analytics engine, Reveelium to detect anomalies and weak signals in the information system
Specialized Security Services A privately held boutique cybersecurity consulting firm specializing in consulting, auditing, and implementation of best practices to secure enterprises