Top 10 Threat Management Consulting/Services Companies - 2018

With the technological evolution, cyber threats and attacks are also growing in their complexity as well as numbers, driving organizations to be more active and vigilant. Even an email can turn into a potent attack vector, rendering the company’s entire infrastructure inoperative, while stealing confidential information. Though the active role of an enterprise security solution for effective threat detection and mitigation has become more challenging than ever before.

Threat Management Services helps global clients by designing, developing, and managing cybersercurity programs, including managing threats and vulnerabilities through a vulnerability management lifecycle framework that can proactively identify threats using multiple techniques.

AI and machine learning will continue to be chief forerunners in redefining the enterprise security posture in the coming years. At this juncture, expertise and industry experience is a crucial element for deploying, implementing and monitoring cyber attacks to be secure. C-suite executives need to ensure regulatory, and compliance requirements are met, and risks are mitigated within acceptable time limits.

In this edition of Enterprise Security Magazine, we present to you a list of threat management service providers, featuring the best and most competent services in the security arena. In the last few months, a distinguished panel, comprising CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, and analysts including the Enterprise Security Magazine’s editorial board reviewed the top companies and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of delivering effective service offerings to the cybersecurity space.

We present to you the “Top 10 Threat Management Consulting/Services Companies - 2018.”

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Cylance Provides products and services that use AI and ML to proactively prevent, rather than reactively detect the execution of advanced persistent threats and malware
Endgame Brings the best across enterprise tech, security domain expertise, data science, user experience, and academia to challenge the industry-standard of what makes a good security product
ObserveIT Insider threat management solution that empowers security teams to detect insider threats, streamline the investigation process, and prevent data exfiltration
QuadraNet Provides a protection solution called VEST, that automatically detects and migrates DDoS attacks
Rapid7 (NASDAQ:RPD) Powers the practice of SecOps by delivering shared visibility, analytics, and automation that unites security, IT, and DevOps teams
RedLock A global cybersecurity leader, known for always challenging the security status quo with a mission to protect the digital age by preventing successful cyberattacks
RiskIQ Provides digital threat management with the most comprehensive discovery, intelligence and mitigation of threats associated with an organization’s digital presence
Silverfort Protects enterprises from data breaches, cyber attacks and insider threats, by preventing credential compromise and misuse across the entire corporate network and cloud infrastructure
ThreatConnect Provides industry-leading advanced threat intelligence software and services including a comprehensive Threat Intelligence Platform
Uncloak Provides blockchain powered cyber threat solutions and services putting businesses one step ahead of hackers