Top 10 Firewall Solution Providers 2017

From software that secures terminals, to state of the art hardware barriers between local and external networks, the concept of the firewall has broadened over time—in terms of both technology and definition. With cyber-infiltration lurking at every corner it is becoming increasingly important for companies to be as invulnerable as possible. Malware in worm or Trojan forms can squirm their way into servers, as was the case with the recent WannaCry attack, and so with the advent of application layer filtering, deploying deep packet inspection for intrusion prevention, lends unprecedented levels of security to the enterprise class. In the line of hardware, it is important to note that simply fortifying the network at one device isn’t enough—the focus must be shifted to formulating a holistic strategy that integrates every device on the network to become a point of defense.

The connected world of today is enclosed by a fabric of networks. Needless to say, avalanches are triggered by single snowflakes, and in establishing market dominance in firewalls, competitors are constantly innovating to define more niche and air-tight solutions around security concerns, striving to avert infiltration.

For this edition of Enterprise Security magazine, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, analysts and our Editorial Board has reviewed companies with a proven record of expertise in firewall space. In our selection we looked at companies’ ability to identify client requirements, develop strategic approach and provide support and customization through their offerings. We present to you the ‘Top 10 Firewall Solution Providers 2017.’

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Check Point Software Technologies The Check Point Infinity offering effectively knits through the cloud, mobile and network environments to deliver a cyber security strategy that caters to business needs both policy wise and in terms of scalability
F5 Networks The company's Big IP Advance Firewall Manager (AFM) provides attack visibility and intellignece and as well combines with other BIG-IP solutions to strengthen and unify security capabilities
Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) FortiGate next generation firewall (NGFW) platforms are powered by dedicated FortiOS and custom Security Processor (SPU) for performance optimised security
IT Solution The company is committed to easing workloads by providing various IT needs and enhancement solutions in an innovative way
McAfee McAfee offers a consolidated and integrated platform for endpoint defense that levrages a single agent architecture with deep integration and automation capabilites
Secucloud Provides firewall-as-a-service to SMBs and mobile and household networks
Skybox Security Provides automated, next generation firewall management across physical, multi-cloud and industrial networks
WatchGuard The company's approach to network security combines Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) with Unified Threat Management (UTM)
Waterfall Security Solutions Provides an evolutionary alternative to firewalls in industrial network environments
Zscaler The Zscaler Cloud Firewall enables secure local internet breakdowns without appliances. The offering brings next-gen firewall controls across locations, ports and protocols