Top 10 Cloud Security Solution Providers 2016

As more and more businesses are using cloud infrastructure to store their mission critical data, the concerns with data security and privacy are also increasing. Although, trends like cloud computing, virtualization and mobility are enabling businesses to increase their flexibility and agility at an accelerated pace, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) such as Stuxnet and Hydraq are also creating extensive challenges in protecting information. With security threats looming at such a high rate, it has become essential for enterprises to predetermine infectious breaches and prevent them from infiltrating the system.

Presently, CIOs need to implement intricate cloud security measures to build an impregnable data fortress. They are required to be versatile and utilize technologies in their environment like intrusion detection, file integrity monitoring, two-factor authentication, firewall, encryption and more. Besides, cloud security is an evolving challenge that can be addressed only if the tools and technologies are designed to develop along with it. In this scenario, multiple organizations are seeking solutions to secure their cloud architecture and relying on numerous vendors to curb breaches.

To help CIOs navigate and find the right enterprise security solution providers, Enterprise Security Magazine presents you with the “Top 10 Cloud Security Solution Providers,” a distinguished panel comprising of CIOs and CEOs of public companies, analysts, and the Enterprise Security editorial board finalized the Top 10 Cloud Security Companies. We congratulate the 10 finalists for achieving this vote of respect and wish them a great future ahead.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
5thColumn A boutique information security company centered on next generation cyber threat protection and enterprise data security
CipherCloud Delivers a comprehensive, multi-cloud security platform that integrates advanced data protection, content control, monitoring, cloud discovery and risk analysis
CloudPassage Security and compliance automation platform that provides instant visibility and continuous protection for servers in any combination of data centers, private clouds and public clouds
Conjur Conjur’s trust management platform helps organizations stay secure by neutralizing risk as they move to and scale within the cloud. It defines, enforces and audits identity and access for today’s critical cloud-based applications and infrastructure
Dome9 Security Delivers verifiable cloud infrastructure security and compliance to all businesses at all times across all public clouds
Fishtech Improving and implementing scalable cloud security solutions with Fishtech’s comprehensive cloud strategy program
Netskope Provisioning a solution that enables confident movement to the cloud
Parablu Addresses enterprise challenges around security, privacy and control,to support clients in their cloud journey
Vigilant Technology Solutions A company is focused on bringing cloud computing to internet security
Vormetric seamless and scalable platform to protect data wherever it resides—file, database, and application in any server environment