QDiscovery: Uncovering the Truth in Your Data

CIO VendorCurtis Collette, Solutions Architect
Businesses today rely on data, what they have and how they use it provides a competitive advantage. Unfortunately, along with value there is risk that in the wrong hands or used for the wrong purposes, that same data can be a liability. What is a business to do when those fears become a reality? For many the first call is to IT to ensure they are on top of the technology and the second call is to the law department to find out what it means. Both turn to companies like QDiscovery, a leading provider of digital forensic and eDiscovery services to corporations and law firms, to uncover the truth that lies in the data. With its range of tools and depth of experience QDiscovery has the expertise and capabilities to assist or take the lead on departed employee investigations, trade secrets misappropriation, data breach incident response, government inquiries, and other internal investigations involving electronically stored information (ESI). IT professionals and lawyers alike rely on QDiscovery to ensure investigations are conducted in a defensible manner, while allowing clients' IT professionals to stay focused on business priorities.

Given the increasingly sophisticated threat vector, security breaches are top of mind for both IT and company executives. Although external hacking gets the most attention, internal and accidental breaches are more common. “We use advanced forensic analysis to answer the important who, what, where, when and how of security incidents,” says Yaniv Schiff, Director of Digital Forensics, QDiscovery.

At the onset of an investigation, QDiscovery works with the client to determine investigation objectives and develop strategies to accomplish them. An early goal of all investigations is determining the scope of the breach or exposure and developing a comprehensive assessment of what information was accessed and how it was moved or used.

Once the scope of the breach has been determined QDiscovery can use tools and processes from both its forensics and eDiscovery practices to identify potentially sensitive information such as personally identifiable information (PII).

Our culture of innovation and collaboration across departments offers exciting solutions for our clients to take investigations further

They then make that information available to the attorneys who can determine the legal and regulatory ramifications. “Our culture of innovation and collaboration across departments offers exciting solutions for our clients to take investigations further and faster. One example is how we adapted our eDiscovery processes to identify PII for use in security breach investigations,” states Curtis Collette, Solutions Architect, QDiscovery.

Yaniv Schiff, Director of Digital Forensics
Founded by a group of industry veterans, QDiscovery has grown an innovative culture that encourages the entire team to constantly evaluate market trends and quickly identify opportunities to leverage new and existing technology to address client needs. “Every day, new technologies are introduced and there is new data that didn’t exist before,” says Schiff. “Our team looks for innovative and creative solutions to help our clients address this data.”

QDiscovery helps organizations discover potential data exposure, garner insights from their data, and make informed decisions when under pressure. Like a detective bringing together evidence to connect the dots, QDiscovery uncovers the truth in data using credible and defensible methods so it is admissible in court should litigation arise. If litigation does arise, QDiscovery offers a full range of eDiscovery services to assist the client in hosting, reviewing and producing data. With QDiscovery’s integrated digital forensics and eDiscovery services, clients reap the benefits of a streamlined process from a single provider, giving them a head start to more efficient and cost effective ESI management.