Access Data: Post Breach Forensics Experts
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Tod Ewasko, Product Director

AccessData has been a pioneer offering security analytics and legal aid for enterprises for more than 30 years. The company offers solutions which are both independent and enterprise-class that work together in synergy to facilitate both criminal...

Forsta: Augmenting Cross-Enterprise Collaboration with Encryption
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Pat Sewall, CEO

Forsta is a team of people working with smart business to provide cutting-edge technology for companies that need encryption solution and data protection. The company helps companies embed, expand, and customize secure cooperation into their...

GeoSpark Analytics: A New Paradigm in Threat Assessment
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Omar Balkissoon, CEO and John Goolgasian, COO

GeoSpark Analytics is a provider of exclusive risk management and threat assessment platform which has AI driven actionable insights and also has automated reporting. They help their clients to make quicker and better decisions by analyzing and...

akquinet AG: The International SAP Security Specialist
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Ralf Kempf, Technical Managing Director

With the adaptation of technology, companies are struggling to protect their data. Most of the companies in Europe have already been a victim of data theft, breaches, hacking incursion, or industrial espionage. To address these issues, the...

FireEye [NASDAQ: FEYE]: Reaping the Benefits of Preventative Cyber Protection
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Kevin Mandia, CEO

FireEye, a leading digital forensics provider, eliminates the impact of cyber attacks on real individuals. This inspires them to protect companies against the effects and consequences of cyber attacks. Their knowledge of the threat landscape in...

Business Intelligence Associates, Inc. (BIA): Intelligent End-to-End Forensics and eDiscovery Solutions
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Jason Park, VP of Digital Forensic Services

With over a decade of experience in the successful management of data in lawsuits, regulatory issues, and investigations by companies, government agencies and law firms, Business Intelligence Associates (BIA) is the leader in the legal information...

Building Intelligence: Purpose Built IAM for Building Security
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Jeffrey C. Friedman, CEO

Building Intelligence is a software company which provides cutting edge technology solutions for security experts and building owners to control traffic of visitors, vehicles, and vendors. In addition to cutting down on operational costs and...

ReliaQuest: The Leading Edge of Cybersecurity
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Brian Murphy, CEO & Founder

ReliaQuest has developed its Cyber Security Management (CSA), a SIEM solution that helps business security teams rethink their technology deployment, automates security outcomes, and improves their safety team. ReliaQuest uses the security model...

Torch.AI: Illuminating Enterprise risk
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Brian Weaver, CEO

Torch.AI is one of the emerging brands that provide artificial intelligence solutions, which offers network-centric AI and has developed a unified mathematical framework and sophisticated analytics tools to leverage data in a unique way to tackle...

Avid Secure: Intelligent Cloud Security Compliance and Monitoring
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Ganesh Krishnan, Co-Founder & CTO

Avid Secure is one of the leading artificial intelligence solution providers that provide companies with intelligent cloud infrastructure security solutions for GRC, DevSecOps, and security monitoring. Using the power of AI, the company delivers...

Nteligen: Secure Conduit for Data Transfer
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Rob Wissmann, Lead Architect and Joe Karolchik, President

Nteligen is a vulnerability management solution provider that offers comprehensive solutions for enterprises worldwide to protect data against loss, misuse, and destruction. The company aims at providing a safe channel for the secure sharing of...

QBRICS, Inc.: Enterprise Blockchain Platform
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Brennan Bennett, Co-Founder & COO

QBRICS, Inc envisions creating a blockchain adoption platform and becoming a blockchain solution provider with unique features like quantum safe encryption, artificial intelligence-enabled smart contracts, interoperability between different type...

ShareSafe Solutions: Mobile Disruption in Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On
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Robert Hanson, CEO & Co-founder, John Beck, COO and Rick Schooler FACHE, LFCHIME, FHIMSS, CHCIO, MBA, Consultant & Board Member

ShareSafe’s platform, VORTEX, crochets through all systems across a physician’s workflow. The platform has a plug and uses multifactor authentication base. ShareSafe Solutions provide innovative, private cloud-based software—HIPAA...

DataMotion: Encryption for Digital Business Compliance
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Bob Janacek, Co-founder and CEO

DataMotion is premiere encryption solution provider that offers secure data solutions such as email encryption. By using DataMotion, companies can exchange email, files and other information easily and securely with partners and their cloud...

Global IP Networks: Building a Secure, Dependable Business Environment
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Reyner Natahamidjaja, CEO

Global IP Network provides managed security services and enterprise data center facilities. It delivers end-to-end service, technical expertise, and service consistency by leveraging advanced IT support capabilities. By offering resources like...

Skybox Security: Insights-Driven Cybersecurity Management
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Ravid Circus, Vice President, Products

Skybox Security is a leading cybersecurity management and firewall solutions provider that offers integrated and comprehensive security solutions. In order to eliminate vector attacks and to safeguard everyday business data and services, Skybox...

FireMon: Proactive Security Intelligence
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Satin Mirchandani, CEO

Provides enterprises with security management software that gives them deeper visibility and tighter control over their network security infrastructure