Refining Security in Data Center Facilities
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Data center facilities are always on their toes when it comes to security. Fundamental physical measures are indispensable. FREMONT, CA: A data center handles a lot of sensitive information. High standards of security are a must for these...

How the Cloud is Enabling Video Surveillance Advancements
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Chris Shipp, CISO, Fluor Federal Petroleum Operations

Recent advances in video technologies and the growing emergence of data analytics have spawned some exciting and innovative advances in video surveillance capabilities and use cases. While these advances have significantly...

Convergint Technologies: Experts in Delivering Integrated Security Solutions
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Vincent Piau, General Manager

Designs, Installs, and services seamlessly integrated physical security solutions for a wide range of verticals and industries

BriefCam: Real-time Actionable and Quantifiable Surveillance
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Tom Edlund, CTO

Offers cutting-edge video review and search abilities through their Video Synopsis and Deep Learning solution