The Job of Cybersecurity is Presently Addressed as an
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Paul Garrin, CIO Partner, Tatum, A Randstad Company

Cybersecurity is an IT voice/data network vertical that keeps some CIO’s awake at night. The history of the office of the CIO has evolved over time. Early on, the CIO ran IT and simply managed the hardware platforms, computers, firewalls,...

DDoS Attack... for Dummies!
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Thierry Derungs, Chief Digital Officer, BNP Paribas Wealth

DDoS attack shuts down key FinTech Sites But be cautious with "big titles" like in this article it could make you thinking that these FinTechs are weak... Understanding exactly the kind of attack is important. In this case, it was not...

Rethinking E-mail Security
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Karthik Devarajan, Director of IT, Maryland Legal Aid

E-mail is still the top choice for workplace communication in both big and small organizations, with an average office worker sending and receiving 121 e-mails per day (Smith, 2018). Therefore, it is not a surprise that e-mail remains the most...

Getting In Front: Thinking Differently about Threat Intelligence
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Tim Callahan, SVP, Global Security, & Global CSO, Aflac

Many information security professionals will remember when we relied primarily on a defensive posture to protect our organizations from cyber threats. We spoke about the layers of defense and took comfort if we could architect in three or four...

Myths and Truths: How CDNs can protect an Enterprise against DDoS Attacks
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Leon Kuperman, CTO, Zenedge

A common CDN technique to thwart Layer 7 DDoS is page-caching. Since the CDN is caching content and/or pages for minutes or hours, any type of flood traffic to those pages will be absorbed by the CDN. This blocks the attack from ever making it to...

NorthState Technology Solutions: Tailor-Made Security Strategies
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Gaudy Jandron, Vice President of Managed Services Design and Quality

NorthState Technology Solutions is a provider of comprehensive security solutions by identifying the unique security requirements of businesses. The managed security services of the company are designed to lower cybersecurity risks and the impact...

Forcepoint: Delivering Quality Consultation to Counter Cybercrime
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Matthew Moynahan, CEO

Forcepoint enables enterprises to safeguard user data and networks against determined adversaries—accidental or malicious insider threat and outside attacks. The security consulting provider’s innovative technology, years of experience, and...

IBM Security: Commoditizing Threat Intelligence
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Marc van Zadelhoff, General Manager

IBM security provides security intelligence for organizations to holistically protect their people, applications, data, and infrastructure. The IBM Security Intelligence Platform can help the client identify and manage the threats to a business...