The Path to Drive Success with MSSP
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David Stern, CISO, BGC Partners

Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP) have been a very common route for organizations to fill critical gaps in managing and monitoring their security program. An interested shopper can chose from a wide range of providers and capabilities. A...

The Impact of the Cloud on Information Security
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Vennard Wright, Chief Information Officer, WSSC (Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission)

As a CIO for the Wash­ington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC), which is a 100-year-old public wa­ter utility serving 1.8 million customers in Maryland, across 475,000 accounts, I’ve realized the challenge of balancing evolving...

Enterprise Security on Cloud: A Futuristic Assessment
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Security analytics is completely transforming the way companies do their business. Various changes and new trends in technologies have resulted in changing the way work is done in organizations. As a result of these drastic changes, companies have...

Improving Security with SIEM Reports and Alerts
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Coordination is of foremost importance with regard to managing a data center efficiently. In addition to monitoring performance trends, system access, and power consumption on a daily basis, security information and event management (SIEM)...

Redefining Cybersecurity with SIEM Practices
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A famous adage says, “the best defense is the good offense”. With the increasing number of attacks in the cyber landscape, organizations should not only focus on their outside barrier but also form an effective inside barrier. This can...

Battlefield Principles for Cybersecurity Leaders
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Jake Margolis, CISO, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Prior to becoming a CISO, I served in the California National Guard and U.S. Army as an Information Assurance professional and Brigade Signal Officer. The lessons and experiences that shaped my career were not learned through technical training or...

Role of Data Analytics in Security
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Security tools for network monitoring, event management and security information, and forensics is greatly influenced by big data, which is playing a key role in transition. However, security researchers should continue to explore new and...

Moving toward Successful SSH Key Management for Greater Network Security
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Matthew McKenna, CSO, SSH Communications Security

When organizations realize that their poor to non-existent SSH user key management has created a significant hole in their network security, denial is often their first response. But when it comes to security, denial is dangerous. SSH user keys...

Today's Threat Landscape Requires Adaptive Security
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Dan Joe Barry, VP Positioning and Chief Evangelist, Napatech

The FBI estimated that cyber criminals grossed $1 billion last year from ransomware. They stand to gross considerably more as new ransomware variants emerge that enable the malware to spread more quickly and without any help from humans....

Conquering Endpoint Security Challenges
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Brian Thomas, CIO, Swope Health Services

1) What do you see as a big challenge in technology to meet the challenges of your industry? If you were to write down a wish list, what solutions do you look forward to and your expectations from technology providers for the enterprise? The...

Getting In Front: Thinking Differently about Threat Intelligence
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Tim Callahan, SVP, Global Security, & Global CSO, Aflac

Many information security professionals will remember when we relied primarily on a defensive posture to protect our organizations from cyber threats. We spoke about the layers of defense and took comfort if we could architect in three or four...

Is Outsourcing a Security Operations Center a Good Idea?
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Fred Newberry, CISO, BDP International

Threats have become so significant and sophisticated in recent years, that technology and human resources are struggling to keep up, much less get ahead of them. Gone are the days when anti-virus and a strongly configured firewall could keep out...

SwiftSafe: Beating the Hackers in Their Own Game
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Akhil Rapelli, Information Technology Security Analyst & CTO

SwiftSafe specializes in cybersecurity, securing the IT assets and infrastructures, providing enterprise security services, particularly in auditing and testing. The company was found on basic principles and motives of spreading awareness,...

Splunk: A Disruptive Security Vision
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Doug Merritt, President and CEO

Splunk offers leading market enterprise security solutions as well as security information and event management (SIEM) solutions, with the help of machine learning to deal with difficult challenges faced in security, IT, and IoT. The company has...

TEHTRIS: Holistic Cybersecurity with Enhanced Endpoint Protection
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Laurent Oudot, Co-CEO and CTO

TEHTRIS is a France-based cybersecurity solution provider which is specialized in cutting-edge IT security technologies. The company provides resources required to counter the present threats faced by businesses by understanding the methods and...

akquinet AG: The International SAP Security Specialist
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Ralf Kempf, Technical Managing Director

With the adaptation of technology, companies are struggling to protect their data. Most of the companies in Europe have already been a victim of data theft, breaches, hacking incursion, or industrial espionage. To address these issues, the...

Elysium Security: Combining Offensive and Defensive Skills for Enhanced Security
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Sébastien Dartigalongue, CEO & Co-Founder

Elysium Security delivers innovative services and solutions with the required business knowledge of current and future needs to prevent threats and safeguard organizational data. The cybersecurity services provider has a simple and pragmatic...

ReliaQuest: The Leading Edge of Cybersecurity
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Brian Murphy, CEO & Founder

ReliaQuest has developed its Cyber Security Management (CSA), a SIEM solution that helps business security teams rethink their technology deployment, automates security outcomes, and improves their safety team. ReliaQuest uses the security model...

CloudAccess: Enabling a Holistic View of Security
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Kevin Nikkhoo, CEO & Founder provides the Joomla and WordPress content management systems (CMS) with a comprehensive hosting and support platform. CloudAccess provides SIEM solutions to over 20,000 websites with a wide array of clients including SMEs,...

GlassHouse: Systems Enhancing Security Posture with SIEM
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Amit Gil, Security Practice Lead

GlassHouse (GHS) is the provider, developer, designer, and deployer of solutions for leading companies for infrastructure, security, and management services. More than 250 corporate customers rely on the company’s 25 years of experience in the...