Hybrid Workspace: A Boon or Bane?
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Greg Becker, President & CEO, Silicon Valley Bank

Most organizations have been adopting cloud-based architectures such as Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) to upgrade their workplace learning and development programs. That is owed to the cloud environment’s ability to foster communication and...

Why It's Time to Move SIEM to the Cloud
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Ben Schoenecker, Director of Information Security at Hendrick Automotive Group

The 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report reveals that there is a trend shift towards a broader range of sectors targeted by bad actors. It’s no longer just Financial, Healthcare, and SCADA as the big targets. Now, and more than...

Cloud Migration in Tune with "Big Rules"
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Richard Rushing, Chief Information Security Officer at Motorola Mobility

Just as in any childhood game, the first thing that happens is knowing or being taught the rules of the game, or agreeing to the rules that will be used in the game. Cloud security is no different, but many times, we get bogged down in the details...

6 Must-Know Multi-Cloud Strategy Benefits for CIOs to Accelerate their Business Journey
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Many businesses are adopting multi-cloud strategies with full steam. As technology continues to advance, it has become mandatory to adopt cloud strategies for their growth and development. Multicloud strategies help businesses to achieve their...

Nehemia Security Announces Risk Quantifier 3.0
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Nehemiah Security, a provider of automated cyber risk quantification has announced the availability of the Risk Quantifier 3.0. FREMONT, CA: Nehemiah Security has been providing a SaaS solution, Risk Quantifier (RQ). This RQ is capable of...

Protecting the Cloud: Industry Perspectives on Cloud Security
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Byron Aris, Vice President, Cloud Security Advisor at SunTrust, STI (NYSE)

The cloud is one of the most revolutionary technologies of our times. Today, at least 81% of enterprises cutting across all industries have implemented cloud strategies, while 67% will have based all their infrastructure in cloud platforms....

Cloud Security - Much More than Active Directory
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Keith Engelbert, Chief Technology Officer, Student Transportation of America

Traditionally, enterprise IT professionals have relied heavily on Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) Domain Services as the baseline for building out permissions and access to network resources for the past twenty years. With the success of...

Watching Rome Burn Through Your Single Pane Of Glass
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Adam Gwinnett, Head of Enterprise Architecture & Cyber Security | Digital Policing, Metropolitan Police Service

What value does your security incident and event management (SIEM) platform really bring to your organisation? So many platforms are still merely an alert aggregator to simplify reporting, with cost models driven by event volumes. As IT estates...

Cyberattacks and Cyberdefense: Eternally at War and Yet Eternally at Peace
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Ashok Banerjee, CTO and VP Engineering, Enterprise Security, Symantec

Technology brings the world closer and enhances convenience, however, the same technology brings the attackers closer too. Most of us in Silicon Valley think with the “mind of a maker”, and yet there is the “mind of a...

Manage Security Services facing a multidimensional change ahead
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Alix Leboulanger, Senior Analyst- Aerospace & Defense, Frost & Sullivan

Manage Security Services (MSS) are sometimes being wrongfully reduced to the role of one company IT security outsourced to an external provider. Actually, it has always been far more multifaceted than this simple vision, and it is essential that...

Security in the Connected World
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Dan Bowden, Digital Transformation and the Chief Information Security Officer at Sentara Healthcare

Hey you, CISO. Do you know your organization’s business? I mean at the level of knowing the financial numbers, the balance sheet, drivers of revenue and expenses, efficiency ratio. Do you know your company’s market share vs....

The Evolving Scope of Web Security in the Healthcare Space
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Iain Lumsden, GSLC, GCTI, GCED, Director of Information Security, Denver Health

We have seen a big change in how we connect to and leverage the internet in our daily lives from both a personal and business perspective. Through the development of technology, we have seen more and more devices now requiring internet...

Advanced SaaS Portfolio for Privileged Access Security
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Udi Mokady, Founder, Chairman and CEO

Introduction of a complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to enable the vendors to leverage secure and seamless access to their portals.      FREMONT, CA: Launching a complete portfolio of Software-as-a-Service...

King & Union's Avalon and FireEye Threat Intelligence will Now be Functioning together
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Todd While, VP Channel Sales and Business Development

FireEye Threat Intelligence and the Avalon SaaS Cyber Analysis Platform by King & Union will be functioning together. Fremont, CA: Based in Alexandria, VA, King & Union empowers security teams to effortlessly develop and deliver the...

Next Generation SIEM: Moving Beyond On- Prem Information and Event Management
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Steve Lodin, Senior Director, Cybersecurity Operations, Sallie Mae

Distributed Data Lakes The foundation for a successful autonomous SIEM, SOC, and Threat Hunting program is the availability of quality logs and sensor-enriched data. Regulatory requirements drive minimum log storage and SIEM ingestion...

Quick Facts: Understanding the Reality of SIEM Adoption
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Nidhi Luthra, Associate Vice President, Information Security, Information Technology Risk & Compliance; Information Security Officer, AMITA Health

"Morganization’s IT ecosystem is an indispensable vault! It’s a hardened ecosystem that scales effortlessly with business demand, has defined boundaries, and each operational component lives within an impenetrable data...

Netskope Makes Secure Access to Private Enterprise Applications Possible
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The establishment of Netskope for Private Access provides a robust cloud-based security infrastructure for all organizations’ internet traffic. FREMONT, CA: Netskope, a cloud security provider, has introduced Netskope for Private...

Securing Connected Cars against Cybersecurity Risks
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FREMONT, CA – The rapid growth of automobile technology has enhanced connectivity in modern vehicles. The digital revolution in the automobile industry has made it possible for manufacturers to integrate AI-powered services to...

The Next Cybersecurity Trend to Watch: Protecting in the Darkness
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Oren Yunger, VC, GGV Capital

One of the common misconceptions about cybersecurity is that serious incidents always involve highly innovative and sophisticated technologies never seen or heard of before. In reality, most attacks do not look like Stuxnet. Instead security...

Security Demands Powerful, Pragmatic Solutions - I Look for Strong Leaders and Great Customer Feedback
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Shardul Shah, Partner, Index Ventures

When I first met Dug Song in Ann Arbor in 2012, I was blown away. He was just at the beginning of building what was to become the most beloved company in security, Duo. Like many of my fellow Midwesterners, Dug is very humble, has a balanced work...