Cloud To Enhance Physical Security as a Service
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The Cloud storage has been widely embraced by businesses for storing the data and just the normal data even financial records and documents but when it comes to physical security enterprises still are reluctant to embrace cloud technology in it....

The Impact of the Cloud on Information Security
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Vennard Wright, Chief Information Officer, WSSC (Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission)

As a CIO for the Wash­ington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC), which is a 100-year-old public wa­ter utility serving 1.8 million customers in Maryland, across 475,000 accounts, I’ve realized the challenge of balancing evolving...

Cybersecurity Market - A Second Coming for AI?
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In today’s advancing digital world, organizations, irrespective of the vertical, are faced with constantly evolving zero-day threats and are in dire need to address them rapidly. As the complexity of a cyber attack increases, so does the...

Creating Multiple Hindrances for Cyber Attackers
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A dearth of stringent security mechanisms in the cloud can present low hanging fruits for the cyber attacker. Apart from moving applications and data to the cloud, organizations at this moment need to invest in security solutions to safeguard...

Time to Think Differently
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Joseph DiBiase, Director Global Information Security, Interface

As with many of my CISO colleagues, our businesses have been moving (sometimes slowly and sometimes very quickly) to the cloud. We see constant introduction of new SaaS applications and utilization of PaaS and IaaS services from Amazon,...

Why our Security Problems are Getting Worse...
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Jeff Schwartz, VP, North America Engineering, Check Point Software Technologies

Security spending is up 8 percent year over year, yet security incidents are up ~40 percent. Why does the security “ball of yarn” continue to unravel as we pull the string. In this article, you will learn why our security problems...

Growing with the Opportunities
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Prashant Fonseka, Principal, CF

Prashant Fonseka is the Principal at CrunchFund; a tech investor with an entrepreneurial background, who has been establishing businesses, leading organizations, and guiding entrepreneurs for more than a decade. At CrunchFund, he is committed to...

The Cloud- First Approach
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Arjun Chopra, Partner, Floodgate

Could you give me an overview of the types of opportunities you pursue as a Partner at Floodgate? I believe that the public cloud represents a generational platform shift that has delivered not only the fastest growing enterprise software...

Empowering the Next Wave of Innovation
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Chris Patterson, VP-Product Management, NaviSite

Rendezvous of Big Data and CDN In the past, CDNs have proven to be somewhat of a challenge for data analysis as they often produce an immense amount of data. The latest developments in big data, however, have directly addressed the issue of...

Retail Returns: A $440B Headache that Technology and Data Analytics Can Solve
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Eric Moriarty, Vice President at B-Stock Solutions

By the end of 2017 the value of retail returns will be equivalent to total online sales: around $440 billion. These skyrocketing return rates are due primarily to the growth of ecommerce and buyer expectations of no-hassle, cross-channel return...

Integrating Cloud Capability To Provide Reliability, Authentication, And Messaging Infrastructure
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Kim Tracy, CIO, Northeastern Illinois University

Infrastructure To Tackle The Onslaught Of Digital Content And Mobile Devices In being a public university, we look for investments in IT infrastructure that we believe will definitely be of value. Of the key parameters I look at the future...

Seven security priorities for 2017
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Jeff Harris, VP of security solutions, Ixia

The enterprise IT security landscape changed dramatically during 2016. Expansion into more clouds, the addition of industrial IoT, and marked increases in virtual deployments resulted in more devices, more locations, and more environments for...

Improve Inventory and Product Availability with Digitization
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Jett McCandless, CEO and Founder, Project44

Monitoring inventory can be a challenge. Maintaining the right stock levels—keeping enough inventory to avoid stock outs without bloating—has a lasting impact on both your bottom line and consumer happiness. Some experts estimate...

Delivery and Adoption of Cloud Computing
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Michael Stoeckert, CTO, ProAssurance

What is “Cloud” ? Cloud computing delivery models provide users with on-demand access to a flexible, wide-ranging pool of technology assets composed of services, applications, servers, networks, and storage facilities. Due to the...

Orchestrating a Hybrid Cloud Using SaaS Solutions with On-premise Applications
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Bill VanCuren, CIO, NCR Corporation

Customers are demanding faster time to market, ease of use, and greater business agility. Because of these demands the industry has seen considerable growth in Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. The heavy investment in cloud alternatives...

Big Data/Cloud & Cyber Security
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Roland Cloutier, Staff VP and Chief Security Officer, ADP

As technologies and business platforms shift, the impact to cyber security and defensive programs are often felt long after decisions are made, technology is deployed and end users and consumers have adopted the technology change. The...

Essential Add-ons for Fast Paced Cyber Threatscape: Enterprise Vulnerability and Threat Management
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Girish Chiruvolu, Director Information Security and Risk management, Thomson Reuters

In the age of all-pervasive cyber threats, enterprises with limited resources are stuck with the challenge of taking huge risks and finding right resources/ strategies around a formal risk management program. Ashley-Madison's exit from the...

Higher Education Challenges: Big Data; Cloud Computing; Information Security
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Elias G. Eldayrie, VP & CIO, University of Florida

Big Data Integral to University Missions While universities mine data to tailor student advising and educational experiences, there are other vitally important higher education issues involved. As big data becomes increasingly important in the...

Marrying Technology and Education Science to Evolve Security Awareness and Training
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Joe Ferrara, President and CEO, Wombat Security

At Wombat Security, cyber awareness and training initiatives are central to our mission of changing employee behaviors and reducing risk to organizations. Education is one of the foundational elements of our unique methodology, and our approach is...

Adapting to the Cloud Without Compromising Security
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Michael Bouchet, VP-Global Infrastructure Services, RELX Group

Public cloud means many things to different people. Enterprise usage of cloud today ranges across the spectrum-from no cloud movement at all to outsourcing everything to public cloud providers, and every flavor in between. Some enterprises have...