Gearing up To Protect against Security Breaches
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Paul Leury, CIO, & David Mason, Director, The Boon Group

Needless to say, for CIOs, security has always been on our radar. But it seems like members of our executive teams are just now joining us in our concern. In response to the increased frequency, impact, and media spectacle of security breaches,...

Is it the Best of Times or the Worst of Times for Information Security?
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Mark Connelly, Chief Information Security Officer, Thomson Reuters

Cyber attacks are in the news every day. The frequent headlines and intense media scrutiny have brought the topic to the forefront of public attention. Could this be the worst of times for information security? Given the reports, it may seem...

3 Steps to Elevating Corporate Security
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Mark Kelly, CIO | VP of IT and Services, Curvature

IT Leaders are consistently reminded about the need for improved security of their IT assets. However, in most organizations security concerns take a backseat to high-visibility efficiency gain projects. When security does gain an...

Security in the Age of IoT
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Delano Collins, CIO, EDTS, LLC

IoT or the “Internet of Things” refers to the growing trend of network connectivity and shared intelligence between disparate devices. Nowhere is this evident in our practice, than in our automation and video surveillance solutions....

Forescout Technologies: Tech-Stack for Unified Device Visibility and Control
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Michael DeCesare, CEO

Provides state-of-the-art solutions for device visibility and control, and thus enabling enterprises to gain complete situational awareness

FusionAuth: CIAM by Devs, for Devs
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Brian Pontarelli, CEO

Provides a free single-tenant CIAM solution that can be deployed on-premises or in your private cloud for exceptional security and control

Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions: An Intelligent Way to Protect Your Employees
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E. Allan Hilsinger, Founder & CEO

Leading provider of Identity Management and Protection Solutions for employees and employers across America

Building Intelligence: Purpose Built IAM for Building Security
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Jeffrey C. Friedman, CEO

Building Intelligence is a software company which provides cutting edge technology solutions for security experts and building owners to control traffic of visitors, vehicles, and vendors. In addition to cutting down on operational costs and...

ReliaQuest: The Leading Edge of Cybersecurity
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Brian Murphy, CEO & Founder

ReliaQuest has developed its Cyber Security Management (CSA), a SIEM solution that helps business security teams rethink their technology deployment, automates security outcomes, and improves their safety team. ReliaQuest uses the security model...

Kryptoblocks: Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks with Blockchain
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Akash Singh, PhD, CEO

Equibit Group is a fintech company which provides blockchain solutions to establish the globe’s first peer-to-peer debt and equity marketplace. The company eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure and third-party facilitation from...

SpyderSec: Unique Approach to Enhance Organization’s Security Posture
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Serge Borso, CEO

SpyderSec is a provider of information security advisory services or vulnerability management solution; offers innovative solutions in penetration testing and security. the company operates today to ensure the safety of their customers and that...

Provensec: Vulnerability Management Platform Built in the Cloud
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Russell Poffenroth, VP, Sales & Marketing

Provensec, a well-known vulnerability management solution provider, has become a leader in the safety and vulnerability assessment market. The security market in the enterprise traditionally focuses on alleviating elements of fear, uncertainty,...

MeasuredRisk: Intelligent Risk Assessment
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Steve Simpson, Chief Commercial Officer

MeasuredRisk provides a proprietary risk analysis platform, which consolidates a bank of relevant risk information to prioritize threats that may impact an organization. The security consulting company leads the way through advanced data science...

How Strategic Collaboration can Strengthen Financial Security
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The strategic collaborations between banks and fraud detection providers offer advanced fraud detection solutions.     FREMONT, CA: A collaboration between Advanced Fraud Solutions (AFS) and SQN Banking has integrated fraud...