risk management

Productivity and Security-Can you ever have both?
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Julie Cullivan, SVP Business Operations & CIO, FireEye

Risk. It’s a four-letter word in more ways than one. Fear of risk makes us wait, put things on hold, and potentially cost us something: an opportunity, a competitive edge or an account. Sometimes it’s not only worth it to take a...

Addressing Cyber Security Strategically
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David L Stevens, CIO, Maricopa County

Cyber Security has increasingly become more important to an organizations’ ability to conduct business. This stems from the high visibility associated with large data breaches that have been reported by various fortune 500 companies. As a...

Palindrome Technologies: Security at Your Fingertips
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Peter Thermos, CEO

Palindrome is a leading provider of Vulnerability Management, applications, and assurance services. They have a computer, software, cloud, and embedded systems expertise in applied information security research, and analysis laboratories. The firm...