From our Studio to your Wallet: On the Pulse of Payments Innovations
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Mark Holt, EVP, Chief Information Officer at Incomm, and Technology Disruptor.

What do you think of when you hear the word wallet? Probably a classic leather rectangle, full of cash and cards? But what did you use for your last purchase? What will you use next? I’m not breaking new ground here; you know as well as I do...

The Threat Spectrum of Cybersecurity for Retailers
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The digital transformation has helped the retail industry to grow at a rapid pace. Many retailers have started leveraging e-commerce market to increase their customer base and boost growth. However, with technological advancements...

Cloud Services: End to End Encryption in the Retail Industry
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In the current business world, everything is being transformed at rocket speed and so the requirements and the necessities of the enterprises which are trying their best to keep pace with this real change and to be a part of it. A rapid and...

Areas in Payment Processing That Require Developer's Attention
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The digital transformation has brought many cutting-edge services and applications into existence. The payment services have also burst into the scene with a plethora of payment partners and integrations. The innovations in payment processing...

Payment Security Alliance: Improved Payment Security
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In the U.S., most of the payments are done through credit cards that expose the vulnerability in payment security. This vulnerability in payment security translates into credit card fraud. Businesses can prevent fraudulent transactions if they...

Secure Payments Partnership: Payment Security Alliance with Biometrics and AI
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Biometrics is gaining constant popularity as an authentication tool in numerous industries and contexts, including the financial services sector. Technology developments—especially, enhanced accuracy and lower costs of biometric solutions,...

Viewing Security With A Service Perspective
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Gary Eppinger, Former IT Executive, Supervalu

Social Media’s relevance in the Retail Industry I would say my perspective for media is relevant especially for a company which has a close relationship with customers. When you have a full connection with the customers. It’s gives...

Virtis: Mitigating Data Breach with Cutting-Edge Solutions
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Michelle Wilner, CEO

Virtis is a leading player in delivering artificial intelligence solutions, superior technology, and technical support to safeguard business crucial and high-value assets of leading companies and government organizations across the globe. The...

5thColumn: The Quintessential Security Solution
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Ray Hicks, Founder & CTO

5thColumn is a cloud security solutions company centered on the next generation cyber threat protection and enterprise data security. 5thColumn focuses on advanced real-time threat protection and data security solutions for enterprises powered by...