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Deploying Apps in AWS? Keeps These Security Risks in Mind
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Haseeb Budhani, CEO, Soha Systems, Inc

Deploying applications in a public cloud environment can be an extremely liberating experience for applications teams. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other public cloud providers are a panacea to the mind-numbing procedures and policies that...

Key Elements of Effective Security Planning
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Rickie K Helmer, CEO and ISO/IEC 27001 ISMS expert, NetQuest

Most of us are aware of the fact that security threats of all kinds challenge us once we venture onto the internet, whether we are using it privately or through our daily work. When journeying into new ventures of investment in new technology,...

Security of Cloud Computing
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Anthony Scarola, CISSP, Director of Technical Information Security, TowneBank

Ugh, “cloud”. The term and how it has been applied to hosted computing services is disappointing. Hosting providers have repurposed the cloud placeholder— typically used by network engineers to depict complex, yet understood...

Adapting to the Cloud Without Compromising Security
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Michael Bouchet, VP-Global Infrastructure Services, RELX Group

Public cloud means many things to different people. Enterprise usage of cloud today ranges across the spectrum-from no cloud movement at all to outsourcing everything to public cloud providers, and every flavor in between. Some enterprises have...

When is a Firewall not a Firewall?: Insecurity in the Technology Product Supply Chain
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John Linkous, Founder & CEO, InterPoint Group

I would like you to stop reading this article, just for a moment, and take a brief glimpse at your mobile phone. No doubt, there is a major vendor name on the outside of the case: Apple, Samsung, LG, or another trusted global technology...

Forget the Data Center, Endpoint Security is the New Security Hotspot
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Mitch Coopet, Co-Founder & CTO, Code42

Every week, whether it makes the news or not, companies suffer the consequences of an incomplete data security strategy. Just last week, health insurance provider Premera Blue Cross disclosed that attackers used phishing emails and fake websites...

Cloud Adoption Rate Hike Spurs Demand for Security Professionals
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Julie Peeler, Foundation Director, (ISC)²

For many organizations, cloud adoption is no longer a question of if, but how much. Several factors are contributing to rapid growth and change in the cloud computing market. The cloud provides multiple business and consumer benefits, many of...

Cryptomove: Decentralization and Moving Target Defense
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Mike Burshteyn, Founder & CEO

CryptoMove provides a key management platform for the protection of API keys and other app secrets and provides Data Loss Protection (DLP). This is the world’s first moving target data protection platform, with decentralizing and moving target...

Secucloud: Democratizing Enterprise grade Native Cloud-Security
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Dennis Monner, CEO

Secucloud delivers a cloud-based security as a service platform that scales automatically and has the ability to support millions of connected devices. The distinctive system of the company, Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2), empowers markets...

Barracuda: The next level in enterprise security
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BJ Jenkins, President & CEO

Barracuda is a leading managed security service provider which has been offering security products for data storage and disaster recovery, content security, and networking and applications for more than fifteen years. Initiated with an aim to...

Dome9 Security: Innovatively Implementing Cloud-Agnostic Security Controls
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Zohar Alon, Co Founder & CEO

Dome9 Security is a leading cloud security solution company which delivers verifiable cloud infrastructure security and compliance to all businesses at all times across all public clouds. CloudGuard, a comprehensive software platform of Dome9 is...

5thColumn: The Quintessential Security Solution
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Ray Hicks, Founder & CTO

5thColumn is a cloud security solutions company centered on the next generation cyber threat protection and enterprise data security. 5thColumn focuses on advanced real-time threat protection and data security solutions for enterprises powered by...