Can the Evolving Security Tech Strengthen Businesses?
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The possibilities of criminal invasions are much higher when it comes to small and mid-size companies, but fortunately, they have given it a tough fight. FREMONT, CA: In the rapidly evolving world, as soon as the cybersecurity experts introduce...

Security Automation - Is The (SOAR) Soup Ready Yet?
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Don Sheehan, Cyber Risk Director at Grant Thornton

One of the next phases in the evolution of Cyber Defense Centers (CDC) is the realm of security orchestration, automation and response or SOAR. This is the new “glue” to bind together the disparate pieces of knowledge we need to manage...

Does the Digital Enterprise Require Agile Security?
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James M. Kaplan, Partner and Co-Leader, McKinsey & Company

There’s a consistent theme in enterprise technology over the past year or two–rapid and dramatic change, both in the rise of the “digital enterprise” and the need for IT to react quickly and innovate aggressively to meet...

Noteworthy Predictions on Cybersecurity Trends
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FREMONT, CA: Technology over the past few years has become an increasingly fundamental aspect of the workplace. Business relies on technology to be connected all the time and conduct work efficiently. But when these lines of communication are...

What does the Business prefer AI or RPA or the Convergence of Both?
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Businesses are moving towards automation of the processes as new services are being introduced every day under the automation term. Enterprises are looking forward to investing either in Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Robotic Process Automation...

Artificial Intelligence Driven RPA is Taking Businesses to New Heights
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Companies across all industries have started to transfer their repetitive job to an automated environment. Industries like banking, healthcare, supply-chains, retail, and many others have already begun to comprehensively use robotic process...

The New Rise of Time Series Databases
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Michael Risse, VP, Seeq Corporation

Time series data storage and management has long been an interesting but quiet market category. It’s been a multibillion-dollar business for years and a main stay in process manufacturing plants since the 1980s. But recently, the category...

AI is the New UI-AI + UX + DesignOps
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Amit Bahree, Executive, Global Technology and Innovation, Avanade

Today you cannot read any technology or business article without some discussion around Artificial Intelligence (AI), whether explicit or implicit. We see AI integrating deeper in all elements of our life–be it at home with our families, or...

AI: What it Can Bring and How to Prepare for the Future
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Chris Miller, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Avanade

Every decade a major disruption has occurred that altered the digital landscape: from the PC revolution, to the internet boom, to the mobile-first rise. Each development brought powerful opportunities for businesses that were smart enough to...