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Accounting for Online Payment Security as a Practice
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Vennard Wright, CIO, WSSC

As consumers and recipients of services from utilities, our least favorite thing about receipt of those services is paying bills. As service providers, one of the areas of most obvious concern is securing information and data related to those...

Global Data Protection Regulation...It's time.
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Michael Carr, JD, CISSP, CIPP, Director, Global IT Security & Compliance, Hillenbrand

For a couple of years now, I have read quite a few articles and have heard quite a few speakers refer to GDPR as the GLOBAL Data Protection Regulation. Those of us in the Information Security and Privacy profession know that the “G” in...

Payment Security theft
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Digitization is the master key that resolves a host of agendas. It has enabled hassle-free transfers in the nick of time; financial institutions use the internet for monetary transactions to mitigate the challenges that physical barriers presented...

Effective Ways to Fortify Payment Processing
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With changing trends in the retail landscape, the possibilities of security breaches and data theft are higher than ever before today. While customers are usually unaware of the process to secure their confidential data such as credit card...

The Challenges of Online Payments
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As technology advances in smartphones and e-wallets; purchase patterns change, and demand for cross-border multi-currency electronic payments increase, providers are under pressure to provide peer-to-peer payments beyond traditional banking...

U.S. Businesses and the General Data Protection Regulation
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Greg Sparrow, SVP/GM, CompliancePoint

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Union based regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal data and the privacy of any European Union (EU) natural persons when transactions occur within EU states. Data...

Recovering from a Data Compromise: What should My Business Do Next?
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Larry Brennan, SVP Merchant Data Security & Cybersecurity Director, Bank of America Merchant Services

From major fast food chains to branches of government— and everything in between— it’s clear cybercriminals don’t discriminate when it comes to breaching businesses’ data defenses. Research confirms there have been...

Accounting for Online Payment Security as a Practice
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Vennard Wright, CIO, WSSC (Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission)

As consumers and recipients of services from utilities, our least favorite things about receipt of those services is paying bills. As service providers, one of the areas of most obvious concern is securing information and data related to those...

Why the Cloud May be the Safest Place to Store Your Sensitive Data
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David Burg, Principal and Global and US Advisory Cybersecurity leader, PwC

The use of cloud computing is officially mainstream across most industries, yet many executives still worry that provider security practices remain inadequate to protect sensitive data and mission-critical workloads. It’s a long-held...

What We Should Be Learning and Doing Based On Today's Data Breaches
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Deborah Blyth, CISO, Colorado Governor's Office of Information Technology

As I continue to reflect on all of the data breaches over the past several months, there are certain consistencies that emerge, and there are specific actions these breached enterprises are taking to strengthen their attack prevention and data...

SwiftSafe: Beating the Hackers in Their Own Game
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Akhil Rapelli, Information Technology Security Analyst & CTO

SwiftSafe specializes in cybersecurity, securing the IT assets and infrastructures, providing enterprise security services, particularly in auditing and testing. The company was found on basic principles and motives of spreading awareness,...

PT Dymar Jaya Indonesia: Adding Protection Layer to Data
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Yuliani Kusnadi, Managing Director

Dymar Jaya Indonesia is one of the leading specialists in providing enterprise security solutions, with its focus on data security and data communications. The company is an expert in encryption, key management, and digital signature. The company...

Active Countermeasures: Threat Hunting: Delivered Right Out of the Box
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Chris Brenton, COO

Active Countermeasures, a foremost security analytics provider, consists of a group of like-minded geeks that believe in giving back to the security community. The company achieves this by providing free training and both open source and...

comforte AG: Facilitating Payment Security through Tokenization
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Michael Deissner, CEO

Comforte AG is a leading provider of data-centric security technology that is delivering payment and data security solutions to financial organizations through tokenization and innovative business strategies. The payment service solution provider...

One,Inc.: Liberating Organizations from the Chains of Legacy System
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Christopher Ewing, CEO

One, Inc. provides a single platform for processing premiums and claims payments that are designed to integrate with insurance core systems. To reduce the security risks and minimize the payment processing costs. The company has created a digital...

PCI Group: Ironclad Mission Critical Communication
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Chris Kropac, President & Co-Owner

PCI Group authorizes compliant customer-critical document management services for clients in the financial, entertainment, healthcare, collection, and financial industries. The BFSI security solutions provider is a proven choice for organizations...

Amaryllis - Modular Payments Platform: Complete End-to-End Platform
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Mark A. Bishopp, CEO

Amaryllis is a payment security solution provider that offers a payment platform which imbibes transparency and security into the payment interactions among complex payment models, merchants, and acquirers. The customized and modular solutions...

Trustwave: Smart Security On Demand
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Robert J. McCullen, Chairman & CEO

Trustwave, a managed security services provider, is a leading player in enabling companies to fight cybercrime, reduce security risk, and protect data of the businesses. Trustwave helps companies to embrace digital transformation securely by...

SpyderSec: Unique Approach to Enhance Organization’s Security Posture
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Serge Borso, CEO

SpyderSec is a provider of information security advisory services or vulnerability management solution; offers innovative solutions in penetration testing and security. the company operates today to ensure the safety of their customers and that...

Provensec: Vulnerability Management Platform Built in the Cloud
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Russell Poffenroth, VP, Sales & Marketing

Provensec, a well-known vulnerability management solution provider, has become a leader in the safety and vulnerability assessment market. The security market in the enterprise traditionally focuses on alleviating elements of fear, uncertainty,...