Hybrid Workspace: A Boon or Bane?
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Greg Becker, President & CEO, Silicon Valley Bank

Most organizations have been adopting cloud-based architectures such as Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) to upgrade their workplace learning and development programs. That is owed to the cloud environment’s ability to foster communication and...

Importance Of Adopting a Multi-Pronged Approach to Secure Networks
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Robbie Corley, CISO,Kentucky Community & Technical College System

Gaining visibility and insight into an enterprise network is imperative.Our threat economy from 10 - 15 years ago has evolved.While perimeter-based protection continues to provide a valuable protection model, the attacker philosophy has...

4 significant trends CIOs should know before integrating IAM
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Identity and access management (IAM) is changing to address the issues of the current digital era. FREMONT, CA: With software organizations dispersed globally, the end-clients of their product items can be from various geological zones. This...

Top 7 Blockchain Technologies Every CIO Should Leverage
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Blockchain's impact on the different business verticals is increasing day by day, and the coming years will bring breakthrough ideas where the blockchain technology solution will play a significant role in shaping the enterprise world....

Identity X.0
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Chema Alonso, Chief Data Officer, Telefónica

Identity is intrinsic for humanity because of our need to differentiate ourselves from those with whom we relate. Nature helps us in this purpose as it provides different physical traits to the millions of people that allow us in achieving this...

Technologies Transforming the Identity and Access Management Market
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FREMONT, CA: With software organizations distributed worldwide irrespective of the boundaries, the end-users of their software products can possibly be from different geographical areas. This action of gaining access by various parties or users is...

Navigating the World of Cybersecurity Risk without Impacting Day-to-Day Business Operations
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Andrew Neal - President, InfoSec & Compliance Services, Information Governance, TransPerfect

With the proliferation of data privacy and information security regulations around the world and the multimillion-dollar fines being faced by companies such as Google, British Airways, and Marriott, it’s no surprise that security and data...

MemSQL Helios - the World's First Single Store, System of Record Cloud Database
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MemSQL has expanded its data platform with on-demand, elastic cloud service, and new characteristics to assist Tier 1 workload. FREMONT, CA: MemSQL has recently declared the launch of MemSQL Helios, an on-demand, elastic cloud service...

Cloud and Security
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Jeff Jenkins, Vice President, CISO, First Advantage

Every organization, for one reason or another, has or is looking to move IT components to the cloud. In many cases there are significant benefits such as quicker or more standardized implementation of technologies and applications that drive...

6 Must-Know Multi-Cloud Strategy Benefits for CIOs to Accelerate their Business Journey
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Many businesses are adopting multi-cloud strategies with full steam. As technology continues to advance, it has become mandatory to adopt cloud strategies for their growth and development. Multicloud strategies help businesses to achieve their...

Earthling Security Brings Forth Multi-Cloud Managed Continuous Monitoring Service
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ConMon-as-a-Service will provide continuous monitoring and security for the customers and the service is proffered in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, VMware, and Google Cloud Platform. FREMONT, CA: Earthling Security, a provider of a wide...

Securechain has laid the Foundation of Finmail on Microsoft Store
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Haimin Zhang, Founder & Director

Finmail is the perfect platform for users to share digital currency and e-mails simultaneously and now users can easily access from Microsoft Office Store. FREMONT, CA: Copenhagen based Securechain, a blockchain company dedicated to...

Cloud Security - Much More than Active Directory
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Keith Engelbert, Chief Technology Officer, Student Transportation of America

Traditionally, enterprise IT professionals have relied heavily on Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) Domain Services as the baseline for building out permissions and access to network resources for the past twenty years. With the success of...

Manage Security Services facing a multidimensional change ahead
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Alix Leboulanger, Senior Analyst- Aerospace & Defense, Frost & Sullivan

Manage Security Services (MSS) are sometimes being wrongfully reduced to the role of one company IT security outsourced to an external provider. Actually, it has always been far more multifaceted than this simple vision, and it is essential that...

Next Generation SIEM: Moving Beyond On- Prem Information and Event Management
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Steve Lodin, Senior Director, Cybersecurity Operations, Sallie Mae

Distributed Data Lakes The foundation for a successful autonomous SIEM, SOC, and Threat Hunting program is the availability of quality logs and sensor-enriched data. Regulatory requirements drive minimum log storage and SIEM ingestion...

Logically and Microsoft Partners to Digitize the Workplaces with IT
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The partnership will enable them to extend their influence over small and mid-markets utilizing cloud platforms. FREMONT, CA: Logically and Microsoft associates to bring the best practices to the workplace by focusing on leveraging the IT...

Attack of the Lightbulbs: How IoT Devices are Used as Internet Weapons
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Chuck Davis, Director of Cybersecurity, Hikvision

With connected devices, otherwise known as IoT (Internet of Things),rapidly changing the world, many end users forget or do not realize that these devices are actually computers. The smart light bulb, the IP video camera, and possibly your new...

The New Business Imperative: Identity Protection
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Joy Chik, Corporate VP, Microsoft

My journey to my current role as the CVP of Microsoft’s Identity Division started with an engineering internship on Microsoft’s Exchange team in 1996. I’ve had the honor of partnering with countless businesses to help them...

The ABCDs of Security: An Investor Perspective
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Mark Fernandes, Managing Director, Sierra Ventures

February 2002, a sparsely populated RSA Security show, security investing at rock bottom, and my first month as a venture capitalist at Sierra Ventures. I met Marty Roesch, founder of an open source project called Snort. Two million downloads,...

Enterprise Data Protection against Ransomware Attacks: Attempts toward Prevention
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In the age of information technology, enterprise or organizational data is a crucial asset. The information cosmos is sophisticated and important, and thus, data must be protected with the right cyber safety measures. The importance of data for...