How to Protect Your Business by Following The Ten P's of Security
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Michael Meyer, Chief Risk Officer (CRO) and Chief Security Officer (CSO), MRS BPO, LLC

How many times have you heard from your staff – buy this technology and all of our (and your) worries and problems go away? Maybe it sounded like this instead--this is the latest and greatest technology; we need it to solve every security...

Implications of RTA for Contact Centers
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The dynamic changes in business requirements have raised security concerns for enterprises across all industries. Contact centers are also vulnerable to security threats as most of the fraud incidents have at least one touch point with a contact...

Finding Synergy Between Cybersecurity and Data Management
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Lester Godsey, Chief Information Security Officer, City of Mesa, AZ

Arguably, the two ‘hottest’ trends in business, both cybersecurity and data management is often looked upon as separate strategic efforts within an organization. What many fail to realize is that they are not as disparate as they...

Evolving Data Security Involves Database Architecture
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Tom Basiliere, CIO, Provant

A few weeks ago, my wife got a call from my daughter. She called to ask us about the risk of using a mobile funds exchange service that required her to enter her bank account number into a mobile app so that funds could be transferred in and out...

Strong Security - Technology Isn't Everything
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Michael Meyer, CRO and CSO, MRS BPO, LLC

How many times have you heard—buy this technology and all of our (and your) worries and problems go away? Maybe it sounded like this instead—this is the latest and greatest technology; we need it to solve every security issue. So,...

Formulating Solutions To Stay Close To The Users
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Randall C. Cieslak, CIO, Pacific Command

Things done while tuning and elevating IT's relationship with the government functions process transformation efforts Our focus is to stay close to the users and involved with the improvements they wish to make. When we have technology...

Is Outsourcing a Security Operations Center a Good Idea?
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Fred Newberry, CISO, BDP International

Threats have become so significant and sophisticated in recent years, that technology and human resources are struggling to keep up, much less get ahead of them. Gone are the days when anti-virus and a strongly configured firewall could keep out...

Splunk: A Disruptive Security Vision
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Doug Merritt, President and CEO

Splunk offers leading market enterprise security solutions as well as security information and event management (SIEM) solutions, with the help of machine learning to deal with difficult challenges faced in security, IT, and IoT. The company has...

ShareSafe Solutions: Mobile Disruption in Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On
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Robert Hanson, CEO & Co-founder, John Beck, COO and Rick Schooler FACHE, LFCHIME, FHIMSS, CHCIO, MBA, Consultant & Board Member

ShareSafe’s platform, VORTEX, crochets through all systems across a physician’s workflow. The platform has a plug and uses multifactor authentication base. ShareSafe Solutions provide innovative, private cloud-based software—HIPAA...