Is There Auditible Security in the Cloud?
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Preston Williams III, Senior Partner and CIO, GBC Global Services

I recently watched the CSPAN coverage of cloud computing in political campaigns held at the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University. Participants shared their views about cloud computing in campaigns, but the issue...

When is a Firewall not a Firewall?: Insecurity in the Technology Product Supply Chain
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John Linkous, Founder & CEO, InterPoint Group

I would like you to stop reading this article, just for a moment, and take a brief glimpse at your mobile phone. No doubt, there is a major vendor name on the outside of the case: Apple, Samsung, LG, or another trusted global technology...

SwiftSafe: Beating the Hackers in Their Own Game
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Akhil Rapelli, Information Technology Security Analyst & CTO

SwiftSafe specializes in cybersecurity, securing the IT assets and infrastructures, providing enterprise security services, particularly in auditing and testing. The company was found on basic principles and motives of spreading awareness,...

LSA Consultants: Making Enterprises Resilient
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Max Goh, Co-founder and MD

LSA Consultants is an enterprise security consulting company that helps companies to develop, implement, analyze, and audit their management systems to a compliant standard ready for certification. The company offers its expertise to deploy...

AIP Risk Consulting: Designing Resilience and Reliability
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Isaach Choong, Managing Director

AIP Risk Consulting offers enterprise security consulting services to assist customers in developing flexibility toward business and security risks for their facilities, infrastructures, assets, personnel, and organizations. The company’s...

BESECURE LLC: Offering Holistic Solutions for Security and Compliance Needs
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Andreas Lalos, CEO & Co-Founder

BESECURE is a cybersecurity services company that helps its consumers to address a critical component of their security program by adopting a slightly holistic approach to tackle security and compliance challenges. The company provides GRC...

Precision Digital Forensics, Inc. (PDFI): The Innovative Expert in Digital Forensics and Incident Response
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Clayton D. Schilling, President & CEO

Precision Digital Forensics is a service disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB) that offers high-quality forensic data collection and processing services for research, litigation, e-Discovery, and cyber-space projects. The company also...

Avid Secure: Intelligent Cloud Security Compliance and Monitoring
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Ganesh Krishnan, Co-Founder & CTO

Avid Secure is one of the leading artificial intelligence solution providers that provide companies with intelligent cloud infrastructure security solutions for GRC, DevSecOps, and security monitoring. Using the power of AI, the company delivers...

CyberSaint: A Breakthrough Product and Approach to Cybersecurity
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George Wrenn, Founder & CEO

CyberSaint is a SaaS solutions provider and an enterprise security startup, which enable continuous improvement of an organization’s cybersecurity posture and manage an effective cyber strategy. The CyberStrong platform manages risk in...

CapLinked: The Intuitive Virtual Data Room
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Christopher Grey, COO & Co-founder

CapLinked is an enterprise security startup which provides secure virtual data rooms and document management platform for working on asset sales, mergers, financing, and acquisitions which secure workspaces. CapLinked serves as a central platform...

Amaryllis - Modular Payments Platform: Complete End-to-End Platform
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Mark A. Bishopp, CEO

Amaryllis is a payment security solution provider that offers a payment platform which imbibes transparency and security into the payment interactions among complex payment models, merchants, and acquirers. The customized and modular solutions...

World Informatix Cyber Security: Preventing Cyber Attacks on Critical Financial and SWIFT Systems
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Rakesh Asthana, Managing Director & CEO

World Informatix CyberSecurity has earned confidence in the provision of confidential and comprehensive cybersecurity services from worldwide clients, including governments and multinational organizations. As a cybersecurity firm, they offer...

Provensec: Vulnerability Management Platform Built in the Cloud
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Russell Poffenroth, VP, Sales & Marketing

Provensec, a well-known vulnerability management solution provider, has become a leader in the safety and vulnerability assessment market. The security market in the enterprise traditionally focuses on alleviating elements of fear, uncertainty,...

5thColumn: The Quintessential Security Solution
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Ray Hicks, Founder & CTO

5thColumn is a cloud security solutions company centered on the next generation cyber threat protection and enterprise data security. 5thColumn focuses on advanced real-time threat protection and data security solutions for enterprises powered by...