The Need for IoMT Asset Management
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Michael Sardaryzadeh, Information Security Officer, Texas A&M University

Often, I am asked what the most basic and important item in cybersecurity is; my answer is always asset management. Whether it’s understanding where an organization’s regulated data resides, what assets an organization has, or keeping...

How Microsegmentation Can Help Companies Implement IoT Security Better?
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The implementation of micro-segmentation as part of the IoT security technique could help companies obtain more granular network process access and also better insulation if the safety fault is exploited. FREMONT, CA: The Internet of...

Why do Businesses need to Deploy an Endpoint Security Solution?
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The IoT market grows as more and more enterprises are included in their networks, leading to billions of connected devices by 2020. The IoT attacks still appear to be increasing exponentially over the coming years, as 2019 has already witnessed...

Redesigning the Internet for the IoT Age
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Lokesh Yamasani, Director - Information Security at Satellite Healthcare/WellBound

These days, everything is connected to the Internet and connected to each other via the Internet. In short, we as consumers are living in the Internet of Things (IoT) age, let alone “Digital age”.From consumer IoT devices such as baby...

Why CIOs Believe Security Measures are Superior to Security Laws
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Security laws can never again address the developing security dangers, and therefore procedures, devices, and methodologies are required. Fremont, CA: Laws are great beginning stages when security is concerned. Notwithstanding, these are a long...

Law Enforcement and Security Use of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems: Opportunities and Challenges
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Joseph Rector, Deputy Director, United States Air Force

For the last couple of years, much of the focus by federal agencies on Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) has been on countering the threat posed by these systems. The recent attack on two Saudi Aramco refineries clearly demonstrated the...

From our Studio to your Wallet: On the Pulse of Payments Innovations
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Mark Holt, EVP, Chief Information Officer at Incomm, and Technology Disruptor.

What do you think of when you hear the word wallet? Probably a classic leather rectangle, full of cash and cards? But what did you use for your last purchase? What will you use next? I’m not breaking new ground here; you know as well as I do...

China Embracing Connected Health
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Geoff Feakes, Group CIO, Tunstall Healthcare

With almost 1.4 billion people, and an increasingly ageing population, China’s healthcare services are facing an enormous challenge. It is estimated that in the next 30 years, the proportion of China’s population over 65 will rise to...

Top 7 Blockchain Technologies Every CIO Should Leverage
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Blockchain's impact on the different business verticals is increasing day by day, and the coming years will bring breakthrough ideas where the blockchain technology solution will play a significant role in shaping the enterprise world....

From EDR to MDR, the security industry gets serious about visibility
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Ian Loe, Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity, NTUC Enterprise Co-operative Limited

Today, as security programs have increased in sophistication, so too have threats, which are getting more advanced and harder to detect – leaving organisations that don’t upgrade their security systems more vulnerable. You...

How does AI Significantly Impact Information Governance?
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Artificial intelligence carries out data analysis in a short time frame at limited cost and effort. FREMONT, CA:  In this information surrounded world, organizations deal with enormous data and information sets. As the data volume...

4 Effective Security Technologies Recommended by CIOs
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As basic encryption tools do not fulfil the needs of businesses, they opt for enhanced security features that utilize modern technologies. FREMONT, CA:  The information and data are the valuable asset of businesses and are the key to their...

Balance between Opposite Forces / The Pursue for Trust
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Paulo Moniz, Director - Information Security and IT Risk, EDP

What does it take to be a Security Manager? In this article, based on my last 10-year experience as CISO at an energy utility company, I will share my reflection on what are the keystones that can make you dare to succeed in managing a cyber...

'Out of the box' Secure Connectivity for eSIM IoT Devices
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Nuno Teodoro, Chief Information Security Officer, TRUPHONE

The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer a trend, a hype, nor a utopic technological goal that the world will see in the future. The IoT is now a reality that places ubiquitous connectivity not only in the traditional phones and laptops, but in...

Enterprise Security for IDIoTs
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Lishoy Francis, Senior Consultant, Consult Hyperion

About 15 years ago, we built a robot to automate the some of the testing we do in-house. We called the robot “Roger” and thought nothing more of it. The idea of people and robots being somehow interchangeable in the workplace has since...

The Continuing Evolution of Identity and Access Management
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David Lello, CISO, Burning Tree

In recent years, the cybersecurity industry has seen rapid advancements in technological developments such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Cloud, and big data – which have all had a...

Identity and Access Management is the New Perimeter and Artificial Intelligence is the New Sentinel.
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Diane Joyce, Identity Management Consultant/Enterprise and Solution Architect/Information Architect, Matakite

Ten years ago, organisations were protected by the ‘fortress’, it was an era of locked down data centres and computing devices. Access to data and services required a person to have access to the right computing device, regardless of...

Securing IoT Applications for the Next Era of Industry Understanding the Challenges and Best Practices of IoT Security to Close Vulnerability Gaps
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Srinivas Bhattiprolu, Senior Director, Solutions for Asia Pacific and Japan, Nokia Software [HEL: NOKIA]

IoT Security –an axe to grind for businesses The Internet of Things (IoT) has today become one of the most popular – and probably the most touted – trends across both business and technology. It is set to transform the...

How Do Healthcare CIOs Address IIoT Threats?
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IIoT has enormous potential to transform the healthcare industry, although it is surrounded by threats in different forms and has to be addressed adequately. Fremont, CA: The necessity to save human lives elevates beyond limits with the onset...

Understanding the Risks of IoT
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David Barker, Director of Digital Product Security, Stanley Black & Decker

With the introduction of every technology wave comes a new attack surface that potentially exposes company data and certainly increases risk. Mobile devices were one of those waves and through mobile device management software, some level of...