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Hiding in Plain Sight: The DNA Molecule as Next-Generation Cyber-Physical Network Security
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Judy Murrah, CIO, Applied DNA Sciences Inc

The ultimate challenge: network security. Connected but access-protected. Open standards but private keys. Locked-down but useable. Collaborative but intrusion-protected. From devices to supply chains. Where to begin? Software security has been...

The Age of Cyber-Cloud Networking
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Sandy Jacolow, CIO, Silverstein Properties

The Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Everything as a Service and implications of Cyber Security are transforming today’s network at a frenetic pace beyond the boundaries of Moore’s Law. Brian Solis best described this shift as Digital...

IoT - Threats and Security Measures
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ENISA, the European Union Cybersecurity agency, published a report on the security of the Internet of Things (IoT). This aims to serve as a reference point in the field and the basis for relevant schemes in the future. Executive Director of...

Blockchain: When Reality Meets Utopia
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Nathaniel Karp, Chief Economist, BBVA Compass

Blockchain, also known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), promises to boost economic and social well-being by reducing transaction costs, increasing the efficiency of markets and institutions, and allowing the development of new forms of...

The bane of IoT
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The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken off and leading IoT providers are in a hurry to become the hub of this digital revolution. According to Verizon’s latest report, in excess of 8 billion devices will be connected via internet by 2017, a...

Beyond the IoT Hype
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Gordon Feller, Director & Consultant, Cisco Systems and Founder for Meeting of the Minds. org, Executive Advisor & Moderator for IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)

Manufacturing plants are running at a much higher capacity utilization than ever before. Often, it is a 24-hour a day, seven days a week operation. With downtime costing plants up to US$20,000 a minute, they cannot afford disruption to their...

The Balancing Act: Network Security and Connectivity
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Whitney Kellett, CIO, Aqua America [NYSE:WTR]

In today’s ever-changing digital world, utility customers expect providers to be as connected as streaming television services and email accounts. But, like a lot of industrial businesses, utilities tend not to be the earliest adopters...

Seven security priorities for 2017
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Jeff Harris, VP of security solutions, Ixia

The enterprise IT security landscape changed dramatically during 2016. Expansion into more clouds, the addition of industrial IoT, and marked increases in virtual deployments resulted in more devices, more locations, and more environments for...

With an Aim to Optimize Telematics Security
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Kevin Baltes, CISSP Director & CISO – Product Cyber security, General Motors

With individuals averaging over 290hours a year in a vehicle (, 2016), the use of connected services and telematics has become common for drivers and passengers. Individuals are fueled by the need to be constantly connected with their...

Do IT Professionals Have a Social Responsibility?
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Sam Segran, CIO, Texas Tech University

Except for a few involved researchers and interested parties, the world hardly noticed the advent of the internet in 1969 (as ARPANET) when the first host-to-host message was communicated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to...

The Dawn of the DDoS of Things (DoT)
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Dr. Chase Cunningham, Director of Cyber Operations, A10

Last year saw an unprecedented uptick in the volume, size and scope of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Led mostly by the Mirai malware, this drumfire of DDoS attacks took advantage of unsecured Internet of Things (IoT) devices to...

Securing the Internet of Things: Best Practices for the Enterprise
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Phil Skipper, Head of Business Development, Vodafone Internet of Things

Businesses across every industry– from healthcare, to manufacturing, to automotive, to retail – are adopting powerful Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to gain better data insights from physical devices and make realtime...

Why More Cybersecurity Tools Aren't Always the Solution: Focusing Your Organization's Cyber Risk Conversation
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Richard Moore III, Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal

Bottom line; we have become over dependent on utilizing cybersecurity tools to mitigate risk instead of making risk based decisions. Over the last several decades, organizations have been implementing technologies that have either automated...

The Changing Face of CDN
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Will Hughs, President, Americas-Global Head of OTT, Telstra

Will Hughs, President, Americas-Global Head of OTT, Telstra In today’s competitive business world, organisations are always looking to improve the user experience for their customers and in doing so, gain an important competitive...

Consolidation of GSA IT
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David Shive, CIO, GSA

David Shive, CIO, GSA On July 30 of this year I was honored to be named the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the United States General Services Administration (GSA). The role of CIO here at GSA comes with a legacy of innovation, early...

Can the Internet of Things and Security Happily Co-exist?
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Ron Green, EVP & CSO, Mastercard

Every day, advances in technology make our lives easier and easier. Think about it—a few years ago, you wouldn’t have thought about being able to program your thermostat remotely so that your home could warm up before you came home...

How to Curb Security Threats
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Jason Worley, CIO, Adeptus Health's First Choice Emergency Room

Cyber-security Threats in a High-growth Environment Due to our high-growth healthcare environment, we face pronounced cyber-security challenges. We have grown from about 500 users to over 5,000 users in less than 36 months. During that process,...

Essential Add-ons for Fast Paced Cyber Threatscape: Enterprise Vulnerability and Threat Management
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Girish Chiruvolu, Director Information Security and Risk management, Thomson Reuters

In the age of all-pervasive cyber threats, enterprises with limited resources are stuck with the challenge of taking huge risks and finding right resources/ strategies around a formal risk management program. Ashley-Madison's exit from the...

IoT and its Acceptance
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Evan Bowers, CIO, HealthTronics

Connected technology is increasingly becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. From thermostats that monitor our behavior and automatically adjust the temperature inside our homes based on our activity patterns to wearable devices that...

The Changing Role of the CISO
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Tammy Moskites, CIO & CISO, Venafi

Between the rise of Internet of Things and the increase in sophistication and frequency of cyber threats, the IT landscape remains ever-changing. We now have massive amounts of data at our fingertips, and technology is evolving faster than ever....