Get Back to your Security Program Fundamentals
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Erik Hart, Chief Information Security Officer, Cushman & Wakefield

Information Security is the topic that every organization is trying to answer as part of their strategy, but is there “an answer”? Recently, Gartner reported approximately $114 billion was spent in 2018 on security; an increase of...

The Future of Risk: Tone from the Top
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Gerry Chng, EY Asean Cybersecurity Leader and Singapore Risk Leader, EY

Companies today are under tremendous pressure to reinvent themselves as traditional barriers of entries are redefined through innovative use of technology. Businesses – new and old alike – swoop in to fill the gaps in consumer need...

Growing Drone Use is Driving a New Enterprise Security Tool
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Richard Ham, Associate Director at University of Arkansas

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or drones, significantly improve the human condition in the right hands but cause carnage when used by someone with nefarious intent. There are good examples on the news every day: delivering much-needed medicines,...

Why do Projects Take so Long (When Information Security is Involved)?
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Sam E. Buhrow, Director of Cyber Incident Management & Forensics, Banner Health

Over the years, I’ve had numerous experiences and swapped stories with colleagues of painful projects that “involved” Information Security. Of course, these weren’t projects lead by Information Security. Instead, at some...

The Practical Principles of Physical Security - Applying Tried and True Principles to New Challenges
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Harley Aw, CISO, Phoenix HSL

In an age of mobility, agility and cloud-centricity, our industry is currently grappling with a generational shift in attitudes towards the relevancy of physical security. Yet, failure to do enough in this area still poses disastrous...

Empowering the Workforce for Driving Business Value
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Ken Kojima, CISO, CA Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

While traversing the roads of information security leadership and executive management, I was constantly reminded of proverbial phrases to help me navigate the path.  Amongst the many to choose from, I distinctly recall the phrases...

Traditional Boundaries Disappears as organizations Move to Cloud
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Anil Katarki, Director, Cyber Security Services, Perspecta

In your experience, what are some of the challenges you have witnessed happening with respect to Forcepoint space in a while using one of the products in your projects? Forcepoint offers a range of products that help secure an organization at...

When is The Right Time to Evaluate My Information Security Risk Strategy?
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Gary Sheehan, Director - Information Security at Elon University

Before I answer that question, I want to ask a few questions of my own.  How often does the threat landscape change?  How often do your business processes, data inputs, or IT systems change? Do you know all the business assets that are...

Cyber Fraud & Data Breach Protection: Challenges & Best Practices
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Kirstie Tiernan, National Data Analytics Leader, BDO USA LLP

Cyber fraud and data breaches are rampant in the U.S. and internationally. The number and the level of sophistication of the cyber-attacks are increasing at an alarming rate. Both nation-state cyber-attack groups and criminal cyber-attack groups...

Cyber Fraud & Data Breach Protection: Challenges & Best Practices
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Gregory A. Garrett, CISSP, CPCM, PMP, Head of U.S. & International Cybersecurity

Cyber fraud and data breaches are rampant in the U.S. and internationally. The number and the level of sophistication of the cyber-attacks are increasing at an alarming rate. Both nation-state cyber-attack groups and criminal cyber-attack groups...

Cybersecurity Challenges to Enhance Web Security for Enterprises
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Billy Spears, SVP, Chief Information Security Officer, loanDepot

Wowza! Another massive data breach affecting more than 100 million people across the United States due to an improperly configured Web Application Firewall (WAF). The exposed data contained information submitted by the customers and small...

Breaking Through the Cybersecurity Myths
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FREMONT, CA: Cybersecurity myths seem to be the biggest threat to the financial system. Financial services are spending a significant amount per employee on cybersecurity, more than double what the manufacturing industry spends. This doesn't...

The New Business Imperative: Identity Protection
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Joy Chik, Corporate VP, Microsoft

My journey to my current role as the CVP of Microsoft’s Identity Division started with an engineering internship on Microsoft’s Exchange team in 1996. I’ve had the honor of partnering with countless businesses to help them...

Taking a good look into the Cyber Security Profession
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Candy Alexander, CISSP CISM, Information Systems Security Association

It’s just one of those things, if you are in “it,” you forget that others may not know what the heck you are talking about. That is exactly the case with Cyber Security, or when I first started, it was called Information...

Third Party Vendor Management - Looking Out for the Weakest Link
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Al Berg, Chief Security and Risk Officer, Liquidnet Holdings Inc

No company can do it all. Every organization relies on specialized outside providers to perform tasks which are outside of their core competencies and when doing that, information must be shared. When we offload a business function to a third...

The Modern World of Identity and Access Management
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Melinda Hanford , Systems Analyst Supervisor, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

1. In the light of your experience what are the trends and challenges you’ve witnessed happening with respect to the Identity and access Management space? Some of the trends in the Identity and Access Management space are very comparable...

Combating Cybersecurity Challenges with Senior Leadership Support
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Ram Murthy, CIO, US Railroad Retirement Board

With ever-increasing information security and privacy risks, we must make our systems and processes more robust. Several federal agencies and well-established institutions have legacy systems built using an architecture that was deemed vigorous 40...

The Nuances of Information Security and Privacy
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Leon Ravenna, CISO, KAR Auction Services, Inc.

There are so many new cybersecurity, privacy and risk laws and regulations to worry about. How can they possibly add value to your business? As you look at business innovation, many organizations will need to rely significantly on their...

Dismantling Organizational Silos to Improve Value-Driven Information Stewardship
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Randy Miskanic, Vice President, Freddie Mac

Many public-sector institutions and large commercial enterprises lack a holistic strategy to curate the lifecycle and manage the organizational use of their most important asset: information. Despite the explosive growth of data and pervasiveness...

Strengthening Enterprise Security with Unique Strategies
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By incorporating integrated security methods, robust infrastructure, better risk-analysis programs, effective policies, and building a shared responsibility, the cybersecurity can be well maintained across the organization. In the digital...