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The New Rise of Time Series Databases
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Michael Risse, VP, Seeq Corporation

Time series data storage and management has long been an interesting but quiet market category. It’s been a multibillion-dollar business for years and a main stay in process manufacturing plants since the 1980s. But recently, the category...

The Impact of the Industrial Internet on Data Storage: Connected Machines & Devices + Analytics = New Opportunities, New System Demands
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Dr. Richard Soley, Executive Director, Industrial Internet Consortium

With the rise of interconnected machines and devices, many companies are beginning to reap the benefits of deploying Industrial Internet technologies throughout their organizations: from the way data is stored to the way factories operate. The...

The Balancing Act: Network Security and Connectivity
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Whitney Kellett, CIO, Aqua America [NYSE:WTR]

In today’s ever-changing digital world, utility customers expect providers to be as connected as streaming television services and email accounts. But, like a lot of industrial businesses, utilities tend not to be the earliest adopters...

Blockchain Security Implications for the Industrial Internet
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Mike Gault, CEO, Guardtime

In January of this year when John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, pegged the “Internet of Everything” as a future seventeen trillion USD market many people scoffed. However, in one area, the Industrial Internet, they were being conservative....

Axiom Cyber Solutions: The First Line of Defense and Last
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Shannon Wilkinson, President and Troy Wilkinson, CEO

Specializes in advanced threat intelligence and defense platform