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Headline: 7 Tips and Tools to Protect University Campuses from Cyber Attacks
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James Tagliareni, CIO, Washburn University

If you are like me, data security is a top priority. A recent report by the Identity Theft Resource Center shows that data breaches in the United States are occurring at a record pace this year, and that hacking, from phishing attacks, ransomware,...

The State of the Cybersecurity Threat Landscape
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Don Dixon, Board of Directors, Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation & Alberto Yepez, Board of Directors, Coveo

Alberto Yepez and Don Dixon are co-founders and managing directors of Trident Capital Cybersecurity, an early stage venture capital fund focused on investing in new technologies in cybersecurity.  ...

Security Exposure through Unavoidable Cyber Threats
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Tony Velleca, CIO, UST Global

In this day and age, it would seem that security breaches are no longer possibilities, but inevitabilities. 2014 saw several large companies become targets of major security breaches, and six months later, the security breach at Sony Pictures...

Cyber Security: New Threats, a New Approach
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William Stewart, Executive Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

Cyber risk–the threat of a data breach–has become an everyday reality and a Board-level priority. And now it is about to get personal. Threats are growing: the “attack surface” is changing to include even wearable devices....

Gemalto: Securing the Connected World
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Philippe Vallée, CEO

The interaction and online activities are increasing tremendously with digitalization leading to the generation of a massive amount of personal data. This creates ample opportunities for service providers, but at the same time, it could be...

Cognistx and Kroll: AI-Enabled Data Breach Detection
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Sanjay Chopra, CEO, Cognistx

Cognistx is an applied AI company based in Pittsburgh that builds multi-strategy AI systems for clients. Kroll and Cognistx provide advanced AI technologies to help clients make confident risk management decisions. Their AI-powered computer...