The Importance of Conforming to HIPAA for Healthcare Entities
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Randall Frietzsche, CISO, Denver Health

If you are a US-based healthcare entity, and you electronically bill for your services, you probably fall under HIPAA regulations. HIPAA requires encryption to protect patient data. This article will discuss the key points of this requirement....

Implementing a RESTful API testing program
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RESTful API testing ensures a culture of continuous testing and team accountability within an organization. Although the standard tests for web applications initially were dominated heavily by front-end graphical user interface testing, today it...

For DDoS-Hope is NOT a Strategy!
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Jon Murphy, GVP-IT Security, Ocwen Financial Corporation

So pervasive even into corporate boardrooms, the business magazine Forbes, rana primer about the subject in March of 2017; Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are on the rise and NOT run of the mill anymore! Before we get started on...

Myths and Truths: How CDNs can protect an Enterprise against DDoS Attacks
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Leon Kuperman, CTO, Zenedge

A common CDN technique to thwart Layer 7 DDoS is page-caching. Since the CDN is caching content and/or pages for minutes or hours, any type of flood traffic to those pages will be absorbed by the CDN. This blocks the attack from ever making it to...

Why DDoS Makes for Risky Business
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Sam Curry, CSO & CTO, Arbor Networks

Defending organizations’ networks against DDoS attacks has long been a daunting challenge—but now cybercriminals are making it even more so; headlines today are rife with news of another DDoS attack, data breach or other security...

Real-time Security Analytics for Visibility and Incident Detection
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Brian Smith, CTO, Click Security

Gary Loveman, CEO of Caesars Entertainment, says there are three ways to get fired from the hotel and casino company: theft, sexual harassment, and running an experiment without a control group. Analytics has transformed businesses from operating...